Rochester Draft Picks: 日本代表 vs. 中国代表

Posted in Event Coverage on December 3, 2005

By Yusuke Yoshikawa

  Japan A Japan B Japan C China A China B China C
  Ichiro Shimura Takuma Morofuji Masashi Oiso Hua Chao Song Hui Zhang Zhou Long
1 Golgari Brownscale Lightning Helix Induce Paranoia Root-Kin Ally Veteran Armorer Farseek
  Selesnya Signet * Dimir Aqueduct Dimir Signet Goblin Spelunkers Woodwraith Strangler
2 Greater Mossdog Goblin Spelunkers Disembowel Siege Wurm Firemane Angel Devouring Light
  Gaze of the Gorgon Fiery Conclusion Halcyon Glaze Golgari Brownscale Boros Recruit Selesnya Sanctuary
3 Clinging Darkness Sparkmage Apprentice Vedalken Dismisser Darkblast Nightguard Patrol Siege Wurm
  Elvish Skysweeper Fiery Conclusion Dimir Signet Svogthos, the Restless Tomb Incite Hysteria Suppression Field
4 Civic Wayfinder Wojek Embermage Brainspoil Nightmare Void Thundersong Trumpeter Watchwolf
  Privileged Position Sell-Sword Brute Sadistic Augermage Screeching Griffin Dogpile Sundering Vitae
5 Root-Kin Ally Faith's Fetters Compulsive Research Gaze of the Gorgon Goblin Spelunkers Selesnya Evangel
  Selesnya Sagittars Watery Grave Terraformer Centaur Safeguard Golgari Brownscale *
6 Bramble Elemental Devouring Light Stinkweed Imp Sewerdreg Nightguard Patrol Benevolent Ancestor
  Selesnya Sanctuary * Surveilling Sprite Clinging Darkness Ordruun Commando Snapping Drake
7 Woebringer Demon Viashino Slasher Duskmantle, House of Shadow Greater Mossdog Belltower Sphinx Snapping Drake
  Selesnya Sanctuary War-Torch Goblin Roofstalker Wight Golgari Rot Farm Reroute *
8 Sewerdreg Sabertooth Alley Cat Disembowel Dimir House Guard Boros Fury-Shield Bramble Elemental
  Carrion Howler War-Torch Goblin Crown of Convergence Stone-Seeder Hierophant * Flight of Fancy
9 Selesnya Sagittars Courier Hawk Drift of Phantasms Moldervine Cloak Skyknight Legionnaire Elvish Skysweeper
  Strands of Undeath Coalhauler Swine Dimir Aqueduct Woodwraith Strangler Stoneshaker Shaman Peel from Reality
10 Tolsimir Wolfblood Conclave Phalanx Dimir House Guard Fists of Ironwood Fiery Conclusion Siege Wurm
  Gather Courage War-Torch Goblin Golgari Thug Boros Recruit Boros Fury-Shield Vedalken Dismisser
11 Ursapine Faith's Fetters Snapping Drake Psychic Drain Oathsworn Giant Greater Mossdog
  Selesnya Sanctuary Barbarian Riftcutter * Wojek Siren Flash Conscription Elvish Skysweeper
12 Keening Banshee Thundersong Trumpeter Dimir Signet Vedalken Entrancer Veteran Armorer Vedalken Dismisser
  Dimir Machinations Molten Sentry Gather Courage * Sparkmage Apprentice Nightguard Patrol
13 Gather Courage Skyknight Legionnaire Stinkweed Imp Vigor Mortis Tidewater Minion Seeds of Strength
  Golgari Brownscale Sabertooth Alley Cat Ivy Dancer Centaur Safeguard Halcyon Glaze Peel from Reality
14 Golgari Signet Skyknight Legionnaire Lurking Informant Mortipede Conclave Equenaut Nullmage Shepherd
  Flame-Kin Zealot Oathsworn Giant * >Overgrown Tomb * Wojek Siren
15 Farseek Galvanic Arc Induce Paranoia Last Gasp Flame Fusillade Divebomber Griffin
  Guardian of Vitu-Ghazi Rally the Righteous Remand * Roofstalker Wight Chant of Vitu-Ghazi
16 Last Gasp Wojek Siren Tattered Drake Lurking Informant Galvanic Arc Selesnya Sagittars
  Mortipede Selesnya Sanctuary Rolling Spoil Watery Grave * Sundering Vitae
17 Centaur Safeguard Sandsower Last Gasp Clinging Darkness Psychic Drain Dream Leash
  Terraformer Incite Hysteria Gaze of the Gorgon Lurking Informant Duskmantle, House of Shadow *
18 Trophy Hunter Goblin Spelunkers Snapping Drake Farseek Boros Swiftblade Selesnya Signet
  Woodwraith Strangler Rally the Righteous Netherborn Phalanx Induce Paranoia Sacred Foundry Convolute

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