Rookie on a Run - Interview with Shawn E. Kammerzelt

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By Eli Kaplan

Shawn E. Kammerzelt

Name: Shawn Kammerzelt

Age: 28

Residence: Matsumoto-shi, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Originally from Eugene, Portland, USA.

Q: How long have you been living here in Japan?
SK: I've been here for 6 years total, I spent a year here in college then spent 8 months of debauchery back in the States before coming back here to teach English in Japan. So I've been teaching here for 5 years.

Q: You're 6-1 after starting with zero byes, and you should almost certainly be able to draw into the Top 64 for Day 2. This is your first Grand Prix, right? How do you feel about your performance today?
SK: Actually, I'm surprised as hell. I wasn't expecting at all to do what I've done today. All I did was throw a bunch of good cards together with black and green, and I'm lucky that they go well together. Wild Mongrel along with Painmonger is one hell of a combo.

Q: What's your favorite card in Odyssey?
SK: Call of the Herd. It's just efficient, cheap beatdown. It's been saving my butt all day. How can you beat two 3/3 creatures for three and then four mana?

Q: How long have you been playing Magic?
SK: I've been playing for about two years now. I started with Starter and moved my way up to Mercadian Masques. I won an 80 player tournament in April, but my win-loss ratio is about fifty-fifty. I really am just so surprised I'm doing this well today.

Q: What was the first card you fell in love with?
SK: "Abysmal" Specter, oh yeah. He's just a 2/3 flier who kicks ass. But in all honesty, the first time I played him in a tournament, I got my ass kicked so bad and learned why slow decks don't win. But I still like him.

Q: What colors do you prefer playing?
SK: I like Red, with shades of green and black. I enjoy playing land destruction, but currently have to play beatdown.

Q: Any shoutouts?
SK: Shivan Wurm RULES!

Shawn finished the first day at 13th place at 7-1. We'll see what happens tomorrow!

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