Round 1 - Carlos Romao vs. Joao Lima

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By Toby Wachter

Game 1

Joao played first this game. The action started off slow, up until Carlos had a Tundra Kavu staring down a Coalition Honor Guard and a Lashknife Barrier. A Goblin Legionnaire followed, but it was Excluded. Carlos answered back with a Cetavolver, paying both kickers. However, the Honor Guard was able to keep it under control thanks to Lashknife Barrier. Carlos built up his forces with Bloodfire Kavu. At this point, Joao decided to swing with the Honor Guard, and then played a second.

Carlos untapped, and played Temporal Spring on the untapped Honor Guard. This cleared the way for his creatures, which dealt seven damage total. The Honor Guard was drawn and recast on Joao's next turn. The game had come to somewhat of a stalemate at this point, but it was broken with Quicksilver Dagger. Joao destroyed the Dagger with Wane, and Carlos activated it once in response to draw a card and deal a damage. Jaoa then continued to build up his defense by playing Angelfire Crusader.

Faerie Squadron with was summoned with kicker on the next turn, ready to fly through the empty skies. However, Joao had the answer yet again, playing a second Legionnaires along with Diversionary Tactics. This kept Carlos' Squadron from attacking on the next turn. The Cetavolver attacked and was blocked by a Honor Guard. After damage resolved, Carlos played Jilt with kicker to deal lethal damage to the Guard that blocked, and bounce the other. Joao responded by tapping down Tundra Kavu. Carlos increased his army with Yavimaya Barbarian, and ended his turn, while Joao replayed the Honor Guard.

A second Jilt with kicker was played, bouncing the Honor Guard and dealing two to the Legionnaire. Everyone attacked on Carlos' side, and Joao sacrificed the Legionnaire to kill off the Bloodfire Kavu. Aggressive Urge was played by Joao on his Crusader, but it was countered with Confound. Facing a grim board situation, Joao scooped.

Romao- 1 Lima- 0

Game 2

Joao played first this game, and started off with a second turn Llanowar Knight. Carlos answered with his own Gold bear in Yavimaya Barbarian. Raging Kavu came out on the following turn, and both creatures attacked. However, Joao was ready, and played Fleetfoot Panther. It blocked and killed the Raging Kavu, and bounced back the Knight, which was re-summmoned on his next turn. Carlos then played Quirion Explorer. Joao attacked with the Panther and Knight, and Carlos blocked the Knight with his Barbarian. Rather than trade, Joao saved it with Pollen Remedy.

Carlos continued to summon blockers with a Stone Kavu, while Joao went to the sky with Razorfoot Griffin. On the following turn he played a Quicksilver Dagger on the Quirion Explorer, leaving two mana and the Moraine untapped. Everyone attacked on Joao's side on the next turn. Stone Kavu blocked Fleetfoot Panther, and Quirion Explorer blocked Llanowar Knight. The Explorer's Dagger was activated once before it headed to the graveyard, and the Panther traded with the Kavu. Carlos continued to attempt to stabilize with Sea Snidd, but the Griffin was still free to attack for two damage.

A Minotaur Illusionist was summoned on the next turn, giving Carlos an answer to the Griffin. However, Joao played Crimson Acolyte, giving his creature Pro-Red, which allowed them to get through the Illusionist and come through for the win.

What makes this situation somewhat ironic is that Carlos had picked the Illusionist over Jilt during the draft. If the Illusionist had been a Jilt in that situation, Carlos probably would have won the game. Jilt would have killed off the threatening Griffin, and the bouncing effect would have been even better thanks to the Exclude that was in Carlos's hand at the time.

Romao- 1 Lima- 1

Game 3

Carlos went first, and Joao played the first creature of the game in Llanowar Knight, which was answered by Shoreline Raider. Both creatures attacked past each other, and Carlos increased his army with Mire Kavu, only a 3/2. Llanowar Knight attacked past it, and Goblin Legionnaire was summoned. The Kavu and Raider came through for five damage on the following turn, which was followed by Carlos playing Minotaur Illusionist.

Joao thought hard on the next turn, and decided to not attack. Carlos drew and ended his turn. At the end of Joao's following turn, Carlos used Terminal Moraine, and summoned Raging Kavu. He then untapped and attacked with everyone. Llanowar Knight blocked Shoreline Raider, and Goblin Legionnaires blocked Raging Kavu. Joao attempted to allow his Knight to survive combat with Aggressive Urge, but it was countered with Confound. Damage went on the stack, and Joao killed off the Mire Kavu. Carlos played Jilt without kicker to save the Raging Kavu. It probably would have made more sense to play Jilt with kicker before the attack in this situation, which would have cleared the way for Carlos' army. Instead, Carlos ended up down two creatures.

Dodecapod showed up on Joao's side of the table, and Carlos played Raging Kavu on end step. The Dodecapod fell to the Illusionist, which had to be sacfiriced after the 'Pod became bigger with Wax. Crimson Acolyte showed up soon after, and was bounced back by Carlos to give him the win.

Romao-2 Lima- 1

Carlos Romao

Joao Lima

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