Round 1: Dirk Baberowski vs. Benedikt Klauser

Posted in Event Coverage on June 28, 2002

By Friedrich Rademacher

Dirk was playing U/W/R while his Klauser drafted B/W/U. These two players know each other and need no introductions since both are well known within the Pro-Tour circuit.

Game 1

Faceless Butcher
Both players started aggressively with creatures on both sides. Klauser then cast a Faceless Butcher but removes only his own Auramancer after his opponent sacrificed his benevolent Bodyguard. Afterwards, it's enchanted with Ghostly Wings, as is Dirk's Mystic Zealot. After some thought Benedict attacked leading the damage race but has a Second Thought in hand to control that same race. Dirk then returned his Zealot to hand, thereby countering the Thoughts and the Zealot hit the table once again. The Zealot was not meant to be and got Wasted Away. A Border Patrol on Dirk's side was not able to stop the 3/4 flying Butcher.

It didn't look good for Dirk taking three a turn and having his Militant Monk Lost in Thoughts. He was facing 5 damage with a Cephalid Inkshrouder later on. He was at three life and had to come up with a solution for the Butcher since the Cephalid problem could be easily solved with Fiery Temper. The Cephalid was made unblockable during his countrymen's main phase and Dirk conceded. Although he could have lived another turn he didn't want to reveal any of his cards in his hand.

Barberowski 0 – 1 Klauser

Game 2

Both players kept their opening hands and only dropped lands until Benedikt cast a Hallowed Healer on his turn. His opponent followed up with a Skywing Aven.
His next turn he looked at a Dreamwinder and decided not to attack.

Teroh's Faithful
Klauser seemed determined to win the game and summoned a Wormfang Turtle but Dirk was not worried and played his Teroh's Faithful. Klauser was now forced to stop his offensive. Dirk finally got his mountain out and forced his opponent to prevent the two damage from his Aven. He then cast a Phantom Flock.

Barberowski had the edge with his evasion creatures and started hitting Benedikt and casting more creatures to hold the ground. Klauser was looking for answers to the little but powerful flying army he was facing. Some turns went by with Dirk enchanting his Militant Monk with Ghostly Wings adding more damage to his flying army and continued hitting his countrymen. Klauser tried to retaliate with Coral Net on Phantom Flock.

That wasn't enough though and the final blow was brought by a Fiery Temper to finish Klauser off.

Baberowski 1 – 1 Klauser

Game 3

Benedikt started off with a very nice mana curve. First turn Hawk, second turn Patrol Hound, third turn Benevolent Bodyguard and Ghostly Wings on the Hound. Klauser could only cast a Hydromorph Guardian on his third turn to try to slow down his opponent. A guided strike on his Bodyguard took care of that blocker.
Klauser was not going to just look at creatures he was going to do something about it and so he did by casting a Faceless Butcher targeting Patrol but the Bodyguard stopped that intention and he kept attacking with his flying creatures. A turn later he summoned a Phantom Flock.

When Klauser cast a Mesmeric Fiend to look at Baberowski's hand he scooped since there was no way he could stop the next two fatal attack phases.

Final Result: Baberowski 2 – 1 Klauser

Benedikt Klauser, Austria

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Dirk Baberowski, Germany

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