Round 1: Eugene Harvey vs. Ben Rubin

Posted in Event Coverage on May 3, 2002

By Toby Wachter

Even though both of these players are about the same age, this match represents the old guard versus the new. Ben Rubin has been a constant, consistent player on the Tour for many years now, and is one of the top all time money winners in the game. Eugene Harvey made his big splash qualifying for the United States National Team last year, and at the time, many speculated that he didn't have the experience, and perhaps, the skill to help his team to victory. Those questions were answered when Harvey went 6-0 during the draft portion of Worlds. Just to prove it wasn't a fluke, Harvey also won Grand Prix Atlanta, solidifying himself as one of the brightest up and coming stars in the game, and a very skilled limited player.

Game 1

Harvey won the die roll and went first, and Rubin started off with Diligent Farmhand. Harvey had Mystic Familiar, and the Farmhand attacked. Harvey blocked, so Rubin sacrificed the Farmhand to get an island. Harvey untapped and enchanted his Familiar with Strength of Lunacy, and attacked for three. Once he got threshold that would prove to be a pretty poor combination, but considering that he started swinging for three in the air on turn three, threshold probably wouldn't happen anytime soon if things went according to plan. Rubin brought out a Looter, but Harvey killed it off with Patriarch's Desire.

Rubin now began to build up his forces, bringing out Werebear and Aquamoeba, while Harvey had Auramancer. Sandstone Deadfall was then played by Rubin, giving him an answer to the flying beatstick. A second Werebear was also summoned, giving Rubin potential for a very solid board if he ever got threshold. However, Harvey cast Sickening Dreams for one, taking out both bears. Harvey followed up by attacking with the big Familiar and the Auramancer, and Rubin was not too eager to sacrifice his Deadfall and go down to two lands, especially since he was having trouble finding a fifth one. Still, the attack brought him to five, and time was running out. The answer presented itself on the following turn, as Rubin used AEther Burst to bounce the Familiar. Harvey rebuilt right away, bringing the Familiar back out along with an Organ Grinder.

Deep Reconnaissance got Rubin some black mana, but the clock was ticking. The now un-enchanted Familiar attacked through the air, and went down to the Deadfall. Rubin continued to stabilize, putting Psionic Gift on his Aquamoeba, which would be able to kill off the Organ Grinder. However, the Grinder was activated on end step, bringing him to two. The Aquamoeba couldn't shoot it down since Rubin would die to an Auramancer attack. Harvey untapped, sacrificed two sac-lands to fill his graveyard with Grinder fuel, and made Rubin lose three more life to take the first game.

Harvey- 1 Rubin- 0

Game 2

Rubin went first, opening with Darkwater Egg. He drew and passed the turn, missing his second land drop. Harvey brought out Mystic Familiar, and Rubin found a second land, cracked open the Egg, and summoned Aquameoba. Auramancer added to Harvey's ranks, but Rubin answered back with the ever strong Psychatog. The skies were still empty, allowing the Familiar to smash for one, and Resilient Wanderer came out to provide a great answer to the 'Tog. Psychatog received a Psionic Gift, while Harvey cast Diabolic Tutor. Deep Analysis gave Rubin some card advantage and a forest, letting him bring out Diligent Farmhand. Patriarch's Desire killed off the Gifted Psychatog, and Harvey sent his whole team into the Red Zone. Aquamoeba and the Farmhand teamed up to take down the Auramancer, while the Familiar and Wanderer came through for three points of damage. They were joined by Patrol Hound.

Rabid Elephant improved Rubin's board a little, but Resilient Wanderer was still proving to be a major annoyance. Once again, Harvey fearlessly sent his army into battle. Aquamoeba blocked the Wandered, and Rabid Elephant blocked Patrol Hound. Psychotic Haze was cast after first strike damage to kill off the Aquamoeba, and Patriarch's Desire finished up the Elephant, leaving Rubin with no creatures in play. Deep Analysis was flashed back, and followed up by Werebear (with threshold) and Dusk Imp. Still, he had no answer to the Familiar and Wanderer. They attacked, bringing Rubin to six, and Soul Scourge made the situation even worse. One more attack and Morbid Hunger gave the second game and the match to Harvey.

Final Result: Harvey- 2 Rubin- 0

Pro Tour Nice, First Booster Draft

Pro Tour Nice, First Booster Draft

Instant (1)
1 Syncopate
Enchantment (3)
2 Psionic Gift 1 Strength of Lunacy
Land (16)
7 Forest 4 Island 1 Seafloor Debris 4 Swamp
Other (2)
1 Aether Burst 1 Deep Reconaissance
40 Cards

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