Round 1: Feature Match – Andre Müller vs. Denis Sinner

Posted in Event Coverage on August 12, 2011

By Tobi Henke

Both these players are no strangers to the limelight. Andre Müller made it to the Top 8 of two Pro Tours, once in Philadelphia in 2005 and in Valencia in 2007, while Denis Sinner got his sole PT Top 8 in Berlin in 2008. Both took some time away from the PT, but are currently working on their comeback and have qualified for the upcoming PT Philly.

For this event, Müller chose blue-black control, whereas Sinner brought Caw-Blade.

Game One

Müller took a mulligan. "Huh. I had the exact same cards," Müller said. "Only one more. Guess, I'll take another mulligan."

As he shuffled, he mused: "You're pretty far ahead then already."

Sinner offered a shrug and muttered something along the lines of "Kind of."

"Nah, I heard, in the end, the best player always wins. There really is no luck in Magic," said Müller and stuck out his tongue. He kept his five cards.

Denis Sinner

Sinner started fast, with Mirran Crusader and another Mirran Crusader followed by Sword of Feast and Famine. Müller bought some time with Solemn Simulacrum, but quickly succumbed to the black-protected masses.

"Yeah, I heard that's how you win this match-up: double-mulligan for your opponent. double Mirran Crusader for you, plus Sword of Feast and Famine." Quite the beating indeed.

Andre Müller 0 – 1 Denis Sinner

Game Two

Müller had Inquisition of Kozilek for Sinner's Mana Leak, leaving him with Preordain and Gideon Jura in hand. Sinner made his Preordain and reached for his library to resolve the spell. "That's right. When I have Mental Misstep, you will instantly know it, because I'll sit on the edge of my chair waiting to stop you from resolving your spell," Müller joked.

Müller's Jace Beleren was stopped by another Mana Leak, Sinner's Mirran Crusader met the same fate. Next, Sinner resolved Gideon Jura, but Müller didn't even have to resolve his two Creeping Tar Pits. The lands attacked twice and took Gideon down. Since this had worked so well, Müller shrugged and simply continued in this line of play. His Tar Pits smashed in for 6, 6, 6 ... and the rest.

Andre Müller 1 – 1 Denis Sinner

Game Three

The action started on turn four, when Sinner tried for Squadron Hawk which, much to Müller's chagrin, resolved and searched up two more.

The Hawk attacked and was joined by Mirran Crusader after the players had traded Mana Leaks to stop and save the Crusader, respectively.

Andre Müller

Müller cast Inquisition of Kozilek, seeing three more Squadron Hawks as well as two copies of Gideon Jura. "But no more land, huh?" Müller said as he used his Tectomnic Edge to keep Sinner off five mana.

Still, Mirran Crusader and two Hawks put Müller on the clock. On 8 life, Müller used a kicked Into the Roil on Mirran Crusader during Sinner's end step. Three Hawks brought Müller down to 5. During this turn's end step, Müller cast Consume the Meek, but Sinner had the Mana Leak.

Müller summoned Grave Titan, passed the turn, and fell to 3 life, while Sinner re-cast his Mirran Crusader. "Best top deck ever, now please?" Müller knocked on the top of his deck. Black Sun's Zenith or Consume the Meek were just about the only cards which could help him out of this particular pickle. He did't draw either and extended his hand in concession

Andre Müller 1 – 2 Denis Sinner

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