Round 1: Feature Match - Brandon Chreptyk vs. Phil Samms

Posted in Event Coverage on August 20, 2011

By Josh Bennett

Game One

"What's one mulligan?"

So said Canadian Magic fixture and part-time Zen monk Phil "psamms" Samms as he reshuffled and drew six. His opponent, BC's Brandon Chreptyk, was playing Hero-Blade and had quickly kept his opening seven. Samms decided one mulligan was enough, and they were off.

Chreptyk led off with Preordain, then set Samms's Lotus Cobra back with Into the Roil. Chreptyk untapped, played a Sword of Feast and Famine (with Inkmoth Nexus at the ready), then passed it back. Samms replayed his Cobra, then used the bonus mana to Rampant Growth.

Chreptyk animated his Nexus, suited it up and hit, knocking Raging Ravine out of Samms's hand. Samms played a Verdant Catacombs, hit for two, and passed. Chreptyk again animated and equipped, and once the Nexus was in the Red Zone, Samms went for a Summoning Trap off his Catacombs. Chreptyk was ready with Spell Pierce. Samms's frown deepened.

Samms untapped and tried an Inferno Titan, but Chreptyk had Mana Leak to keep it off the board. Another attack from Chreptyk put him Samms to nine poison, and Gideon Jura all but sealed the deal. Samms drew, then scooped.

Chreptyk 1 - Samms 0

Brandon Chreptyk

Game Two

Chreptyk smiled. "My first poison kill. Though to be fair, it was the first game I've played with this deck."

Samms couldn't help but laugh. "Such daggers for no reason." He shook his head. "I played so bad that game. This is nothing new, of course. In Atlanta I \missed multiple Valakut triggers against LSV."

"LSV is a powerful wizard."

This game started at a more sedate pace. The two traded land drops for the first three turns. Samms broke the silence on turn four with Oracle of Mul Daya. Chreptyk considered his options and his two untapped lands. He allowed it to resolve. Samms found a Verdant Catacombs on top, then Summoning Trap.

Chreptyk played Hero of Bladehold and passed it back. Samms drew his Trap, saw Lotus Cobra on top, and shuffled it away with the Catacombs. That revealed another Oracle. Luckily for Samms he had another shuffle ready: Primeval Titan. He fetched a pair of Valakuts, got a bonus mountain off his deck, and passed with Green Sun's Zenith on top.

Chreptyk Preordained, then chose to kill off the the Valakuts with two Tectonic Edges. Samms Zenith'd up a second Titan, and that was good enough for the scoop.

Chreptyk 1 - Samms 1

Game Three

Chreptyk opened with Preordain and sent both to the bottom. Samms got out a quick pair of Cobras, and after Chreptyk summoned Hero of Bladehold, Samms busted out the turn-four Titan. Chreptyk was ready with Oblivion Ring, and bashed in with his Hero. Samms was happy to throw his Cobras in front to get rid of it. Chreptyk played a fifth land and passed with one mana open.

Samms wasted no time tapping six for Inferno Titan, clearing out the soldier tokens. Chreptyk Preordained and kept one, an Into the Roil during Samms's turn. Samms replayed the Titan, forcing Flashfreeze from Chreptyk, but had Summoning Trap for the follow-up. It hit another Inferno Titan, knocking Chreptyk to fourteen.

Chreptyk cast another Hero of Bladehold and passed. Samms tapped six for Primeval Titan, and Chreptyk extended the hand.

Phil Samms defeats Brandon Chreptyk 2-1

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