Round 1 Feature Match: Dan Bock (USA) vs. Mattias Jorstedt (Sweden)

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By Kim Eikefet

Dan Bock of Madison, Wisconsin came to 2001 Pro Tour Tokyo with a deck that the other players should be totally unprepared for. His hi-tech deck was created by Jeff Donais, and Donais even showed up by Bock's table to see how his creation worked. In the first round, Bock faced Mattias Jorstedt from Sweden, and the trash-talk started immediately. Noah Boeken, who sat beside Jorstedt, also joined in, trying to guess the contents of the deck.

A lot of people had said that Bock's deck was totally amazing, and Dan could reveal that he put a lot more time into the deck than people would expect. The trash-talk seemed to pay off. "I've never seen anyone more scared than this guy here," Dan smiled when Mattias looked slightly worried. But when asked about whether he was scared, the Swede answered, with all the confidence he could muster: "No."

Mattias' deck was red and black and held cards like Bog Down, Pyre Zombies, Ravenous Rats and Void. His opening hand held two lands only, but after careful consideration he opted to keep it. Dan looked closely at his hand, but it was kind of land-heavy, so he decided to take a Paris. But when Mattias shuffled his deck, the Swede accidentally flipped over a card - an Island. "He flipped over a card!" Dan exclaimed, but he chose not to call a judge. "Nah, he seems nice," he smiled.

Sadly, Dan had to mulligan once again after drawing a six-land hand. Then finally, he kept his third hand although it was far from optimal. Mattias went first, and he dropped a Mountain. Dan played a Plains. Mattias played a Keldon Necropolis. Dan played a Plains. Then, Mattias did nothing. "You just missed a land drop?" Dan said, raising his eyebrows. Mattias had to confirm the sad fact.

Dan could only play a Mountain during his turn though, and then he passed priority. Unfortunately, Mattias missed yet another land drop, and a Pyre Zombie was discarded into the graveyard. The discard made Dan smirk. He still couldn't take advantage of Mattias' land screw, playing only an Island.

Finally, Mattias got another land into play, a Darigaaz's Caldera. He then cast Bog Down, forcing Dan to discard two cards. It seemed that he had drawn an awful amount of mana though, as two Islands were put into his graveyard. During his next turn, Mattias cast yet another Bog Down, and two more lands ended up in Dan's graveyard. Then, a Ravenous Rats stripped the very last card out of Dan's hand - yet another land. "I've never seen that before!" a fascinated Noah Boeken commented from the other side of the table, while Mattias started hitting with his Ravenous Rats. He then summoned a Pyre Zombie.

Dan drew another land, and then he scooped, smiling, satisfied in spite of the loss. "Mana screw," Mattias told Noah, who was very curious as to what was in Dan's deck. "Are they all lands?" Mattias then wondered, but Dan refused to give up his secret tech.

"You can't win with that many lands!" the Dutchman told Bock, to which Dan replied: "I can't win once Pyre Zombie is on the table." That lead to the following conversation:

Mattias: "So I should have boarded in Pyre Zombies?"
Dan: "Maybe for the third game you will."
Mattias: "There isn't gonna be a third game, is there?"
Dan: "No."

Noah Boeken was clearly amused by this weird game. "What is he doing? What did you give him?" he asked Jeff Donais, but Donais wouldn't reveal anything either. "I put a lot of mana in there," he said, explaining that there was a certain risk of getting screwed with the deck.

The two players shuffled up, and after mulliganing, Dan kept his second hand in spite of it, too, being sub-optimal. He did not play a land the first turn, and when Mattias cast a second turn Ravenous Rats, Dan had had it. "Now that just wins it," he sighed, extending his hand to a very surprised Mattias.

"Can I see the deck?" Noah wondered, but Jeff Donais didn't want his secret tech deck to be revealed. "Don't show him the tech," he asked, and so Dan quickly pocketed his deck while Mattias held up his Ravenous Rats and puzzled told his friends "I got a second turn kill!"

Dan Bock got his best possible draw

"I just drew too much land. It's terrible. But I can Swiss gambit though," he smiled, optimistic before the next matches. Noah Boeken, on the other hand, wasn't satisfied. "Play another game! Show him something!" he begged, but Dan just shook his head, not wanting Noah to know his deck. "I promise we won't play each other!" Noah continued. "If we play, I'll concede!"

But Dan still refused. The deck remained safely in his pocket. "I'm still afraid. I have no clue," Mattias finally admitted after the match was over. "But I think it's an all-land deck . . ."

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