Round 1 Feature Match: Rob Dougherty (Street Toys) vs. Greg Schwartz (TJ Collectibles)

Posted in Event Coverage on July 18, 2003

By Eugene Zolotuskiy

When Rob Dougherty sat down I wondered as to what happened to him, it seemed that he gained over 200 pounds, since the last time I saw him at Grand Prix Pittsburgh. Luckily before making a fool of myself I quickly realized that this is a completely different Rob Dougherty. Also surprisingly enough he was running the Elvish Succession deck that the “Real” Rob Dougherty from the store Your Move Games (blatant plug) invented recently. Schwartz was running a Green Black Oversold Cemetery deck that featured Nantuko Husk-Faceless Butcher-Oversold Cemetery combo.

Game 1

Schwartz was searching for a forest to stop the beatings from Rob’s Birchlore Rangers. Dougherty on the other hand managed to use the Ranger to get the Verdant Succession in play on turn 4. Schwartz was left scrambling with no forests and played a Nantuko Husk.

Dougherty was somewhat color-screwed himself; he had no swamps and was forced to burn often from the City of Brass, but nevertheless managed to get a Wirewood Hivemaster and Ravenous Baloth in play. Schwartz could only watch in despair and play his Oversold Cemetery.

“About time,” said Schwartz emphatically as he finally drew a much needed forest.

Schwartz played a Faceless Butcher targeting the Wirewood Hivemaster and sacced him to the Nantuko Husk, removing the hapless Hivemaster from the game. Dougherty counterattacked with his team, putting Schwartz to 4 life, and cast a Living Wish. Much to the dismay of Schwartz, Dougherty chose an Elvish Soultiller.

“Come on, draw,” says Schwartz as he drew for his turn asking his deck for help, played a Wirewood Herald and passed the turn. Dougherty went for the alpha strike with his team in an attempt to put Schwartz out his misery, Schwartz blocked with the Nantuko Husk, sacced the Wirewood Herald to it, and Smothered a creature, to stay at 2 life.

“I’ll scoop if you have Smother,”Schwartz said as Dougherty just shrugged. Schwartz swung with his Husk and Herald, in response Dougherty sacced the Ravenous Baloth to gain 4 life and used the Ravenous Baloth that came from the Verdant Succession to block the Nantuko Husk. Schwartz saw a window of opportunity sacking the Wirewood Herald to get a Llanowar Elf, then cast a Caller of the Claw, saccing it to the Husk, Rob’s Verdant Succession allowed Schwartz to get a second Caller of the Claw from it, which he also sacced to the Husk, netting a total of seven 2/2 bears.

In one turn, the game turned horribly on Dougherty, his own Verdant Succession having undone him. Schwartz attacked with the team, bringing Dougherty down to 5. Schwartz double Faceless Butcher/Nantuko Husk on his turns to remove both Elvish Soultillers that Dougherty had played in the earlier turns. Finally Schwartz mustered his courage and swung with his team, but only when Dougherty was reduced to only a Ravenous Baloth on the board, the 13 damage was just enough to kill Dougherty.

Schwartz 1 –Dougherty 0


Dougherty boarded in 3 Composts, 3 Naturalizes, and 3 Smothers, takes out all his Verdant Successions, a Caller of the Claw, a Fallen Angel, a Wirewood Hivemaster, and a Gempalm Strider.

Schwartz replaced his 2 Cabal Therapies, with 2 Withered Wretches, to combat the Elvish Soultillers.

Game 2

“How lucky,” said Schwartz after Dougherty drops a turn 2 Compost. “I am the luckiest person in magic,” said Schwartz as he dropped a Husk “Who else draws that card as he needs it?” Dougherty was on the ropes with no lands, and Schwartz playing a Ravenous Baloth on his turn.

“There is the land,” said Schwartz, encouraging Dougherty “Yawp,“said Schwartz in disgust.

Schwartz swung with the Nantuko Husk again. He sacced the Herald and got a Caller of the Claw, and put two 2/2 bears in play. Dougherty failed to put an insect token in play for the Wirewood Hivemaster and realized it as he passed the turn. Schwartz got a Butcher and targeted Dougherty’s Husk, to which he sacced his team and played a Caller of the Claw of his own getting 3 bear tokens.

Schwartz attacked with the army for a few turns, destroying Dougherty’s defenses. “Wow, I am a lucky SOB,” says Schwartz as he drew a Smother. Schwartz turned his creatures sideways again, trying to finish off Rob. Dougherty blocked the two Nantuko Husks that were attacking, and let the Faceless Butcher through; Schwartz used his Smother to kill the Caller of the Claw.

Schwartz sacced his Faceless Butcher to the Nantuko Husk at the end of Daugherty’s turn, to get it from Oversold Cemetery. Rinse and repeat the same thing next turn. The second time Schwartz played the Butcher he removed one of the two blockers remaining on Dougherty’s side, attacked with everyone and brought Dougherty down to 1 life point. At the end step Dougherty got two bear tokens from Caller of the Claw he played. On his turn he played another Soultiller and passed the turn. The judge called time from far away. If Dougherty was to win, he had to finish his opponent quickly. Unfortunately for him, Schwartz’s’ recurring Butcher is too much to handle. Schwartz continued to swing with the team, clearing Dougherty’s board.

Dougherty drew and sighed, as he scooped up his cards.

Greg Schwartz 2 – Rob Dougherty - 0

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