Round 1: Franck Canu vs. Adrien Claudel

Posted in Event Coverage on May 3, 2003

By Mark Wraith

Adrien was one of the players who got rewarded by the erratic drafting and has ended up with quite a nice looking red-white deck with which to take on Franck's soldiers. He will be looking quite good if he can draw either Sparksmith or Lavamancer's Skill

Game 1

Mistform Dreamer
Adrien, going first mulliganed into a hand that had none of his really good cards in the matchup. Canu made a Glory Seeker and swung with it into Claudel's morph before making a Mistform Dreamer. Adrien attacked with his morph and played Aven Redeemer which had the potential to cause Franck a few problems at least. Franck attacked again then lapsed into thought. He had Daru Stinger in hand but only one other soldier, so he decided to wait, and say go rather than Pacifying anything.

Claudel stopped attacking anyway, instead just playing a Wingbeat Warrior and passing the turn. Franck drew his fifth land for Aven Soulgazer which Claudel attacked into, signaling to Franck that his morph was a Gravel Slinger. Canu didn't take the bait and let the Warrior through. It wasn't a threat anyway since Franck drew another Soldier allowing him to make the Daru Stinger a useful 3/3.

Franck made a near total lock with Catapult Squad on his next turn. This allowed him to be more aggressive since the Squad made I impossible for Adrien to block. Franck decided to take a very defensive standpoint, which gave Claudel chance to make his Sparksmith while still on eleven life. The combination of Aven Redeemer and Sparksmith had the potential to cause Franck's white-blue deck serious trouble so it was just as well he had a face-down Willbender in play.

Claudel cast Akroma's Vengeance, but it didn't help very much this time, as Canu had lots of Soldiers still in his hand. He played Gustcloak Skirmisher, Glory Seeker and Gustcloak Harrier. Claudel played Lighting Rift and Pacified the Skirmisher, but didn't really seem to grasp the point of Lightning Rift as he hard cast Renewed Faith and then died two turns later

Franck Canu 1 – Adrien Claudel 0

Game 2

Daru Sanctifier
Adrien kept a seemingly awful opening hand of five lands, Wall of Hope, and Wingbeat Warrior. Canu had to mulligan, then didn't play anything until turn five when we made a face-up Daru Sanctifier. This seemed like it would have been better face down as Adrien had two Pacifisms and a Lightning Rift, but Canu wanted a blocker for the morph. Adrien unmorphed and swung again. Franck now had enough Soldiers in hand to make Daru Stinger worthwhile. He dropped one as a 4/4 and then a second as 3/3.

Claudel tried to use Gempalm Incinerator and the Sparksmith to finish one of the Stingers but one of Canu's many Piety Charms saved the day. Adrien now needed to draw Akroma's Vengeance fairly quickly. However since Franck was a game to the good he didn't have any real need to win this one, and decided to stop attacking. Aven Soulgazer ability to look to look at morphs he had already seen three times certainly didn't help Adrien with time running out. To be fair, Franck was actually winning the game anyway, as he could have been more aggressive if he had wanted to and he had more cards in his library. Adrien finally drew his Akroma's with four cards remaining. He cast both that and Avarax, but his Avarax was tapped with Choking Tethers. Canu then played the five soldier he had been hording. Claudel conceded when his Avarax was killed by Akroma's Blessing.

Final Result: Franck Canu defeats Adrien Claudel 2 – 0

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