Round 1: Franck Canu vs. Kamiel Cornelissen

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By Mark Wraith

Game 1

The Frenchman went first in this game, and his first play was a Mystic Visionary on turn two. And unfortunately for Kamiel the gamble he had taken on keeping a two-land hand did not pay off, as he didn't find a third land quickly enough, and had to discard a Scrivener. Canu couldn't take any advantage as he didn't have another creature, but the Mystic Visionary brought Cornelissen down to fourteen before he could play a Cephalid Scout. Franck Firebolted the Scout and attacked again, before playing an Aven Cloudchaser.

Kamiel only managed to use a Repel in Franck's attack phase to bounce the flyer, but an Elephant token replaced it. The next turn was almost a mirror image as Canu found his Ambush token Repelled and then summoned his Aven Cloudchaser again.

All this time, of course, the Mystic Visionary was beating on Kamiel, and he was only on eight when Treetop Sentinel became his second creature of the match. Canu attacked again and used Muscle Burst on his Visionary to destroy the Sentinel. When he summoned a Mystic Visionary after combat there was lethal damage on the table. Cornelissen drew nothing useful and had to scoop.

Franck Canu 1 - Kamiel Cornelissen 0

Game 2

Once again a Mystic Visionary was the solitary early creature, but this time Kamiel managed to find his Treetop Sentinel early enough for it to have an effect on the game. It stopped Canu from attacking with his Visionary so he just played an Aven Archer.

Kamiel summoned a Krosan Archer and attacked with his Sentinel, but despite this show of aggression it appeared that Franck was in control - with the help of a Muscle Burst his Mystic Visionary killed the Krosan Archer, and he played a Hallowed Healer.

The Dutchman was able to tilt the tables in his favor when he played a Psionic Gift and destroyed the Healer before it became active. The Mystic Visionary looked like it had a pretty short life expectancy. Canu's hand was poor as well. He only managed to summon a Cartographer, while Kamiel played a Rabid Elephant.

Cornelissen furthered his chances in this game with a Krosan Archer, pretty much stopping any hope of Canu getting damage through, and allowing his Rabid Elephant to go on the offensive. At this point Kamiel had Treetop Sentinel, Rabid Elephant and Krosan Archer, and Franck had Skyshooter, Aven Archer, Cartographer, and Limestone Golem. The Dutchman Repelled the Golem, and attacked with his Elephant and Archer. Franck blocked the Krosan Archer with everything, but chose to concede when Kamiel played a Muscle Burst that would leave him with no creatures.

Franck Canu 1 - Kamiel Cornelissen 1

Game 3

Canu thought for a while about his opening hand in game three. He had a Forest and a Plains, but two red spells in his opening hand. That's the sort of thing that happens when you play three colors. Eventually he decided to keep.

An early land draw allowed him to play turn three Cartographer, and turn four Krosan Avenger. He didn't attack with the Cartographer as Kamiel had summoned a Psychatog, but he did send the Krosan Avenger on turn four.

Kamiel was happy to block with the Atog and use two cards to keep it alive, but Franck spoiled his plans of killing the Avenger by casting Refresh. Cornelissen used a Repel in response, and summoned a Springing Tiger.

Canu used his turn to just replay his Avenger, and Kamiel obviously had the tempo advantage at this point. Franck sucked up the damage from Springing Tiger and Psychatog. Franck did nothing on his next turn, and the game drew further out of his grasp when Kamiel played a Concentrate and drew three cards. The reason Canu wasn't doing anything was an absence of Mountains in play combined with a preponderance of red cards in hand.

Kamiel attacked with all of his creatures - Springing Tiger, Krosan Avenger, and Psychatog. Canu chose to double-block the Springing Tiger with his Avenger and Cartographer. Kamiel used Muscle Burst and his Tiger survived.

When Kamiel used a Scrivener to fetch back his Repel, the game was all but over. Franck had one turn to draw a Mountain, which would let him cast Firebolt and give him at least an outside chance of staying in the game, but the Timberland Ruins that he did draw was too slow as it came into play tapped, and he was forced to scoop.

Final Results: Kamiel Cornelissen 2 - Franck Canu 1

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