Round 1: Jeroen Remie vs Jaap Brouwer

Posted in Event Coverage on April 27, 2003

By Stan van der Velden

Two well known Dutchmen, but for very different reasons. Jaap is a long time judge, making sure events run smoothly, even head judging last year’s Nationals. This year the Dutch Viking decided to run Regionals and to everyone’s surprise, including his own, he managed to qualify.
Jeroen is a lot more accomplished as a player but he was nervous coming into this match nonetheless. He didn’t even manage to pass the pre-test for his level one judge test, giving Jaap a perfect opportunity to trashtalk. He’s been doing very well this year though, so Jaap is in for a tough match.

Jeroen is playing Red/Green, a deck he is very familiar with posting a 5-2 record at Euro’s. It’s one of the few decks he is comfortable with in type II, attacking with Mongrels is definitely his thing. Jaap is playing Blue/Green.

Game 1

The match started with a friendly handshake and a “Hard and fair”from Jaap. Jeroen just shook his head muttering “I can’t beat Jaap…”

Jeroen won the die roll and obviously chose to play.

“Freedom mulligan..”

Jeroen kept his second hand but he didn’t even have a turn 2 play while Jaap Madnessed a Rootwalla in play on turn 1 via Careful Study. Jaap didn’t have a turn 2 play either so the Walla got his beat on and Jeroen took the first damage of this Nationals. Jaap found a Looter to play on turn 3, risking getting wrecked by Violent Eruption. Jeroen didn’t have it though and had to settle for a Volcanic Hammer on the little merfolk. When Jaap only pumped his Rootwalla on turn 4, leaving two blue open Jeroen knew something was up. Sure enough his Elephant token got Aether Bursted on his attack step. He had a maindeck Phantom Centaur to replace it with.
Jaap then played his maindeck surprise, a Callous Oppressor, and Jeroen obviously named Centaur. Another great opportunity for Jeroen to wreck Jaap with Violent Eruption but once again he didn’t have it. A Llanowar Elves and a flashbacked Call were all he could manage.
Jaap stole Jeroen’s elephant with the Oppressor and all Jeroen did was cast and flashback another Call. Jaap hardcast an Arrogant Wurm and found a Mongrel with Deep Analysis the turn after. A Quiet Speculation for three Roars ended it.

1-0 Jaap

Game 2

This time Jaap had to go to Paris, surely angering a couple of American patriots. Both players had a turn two Mongrel but Jeroen’s was a little better as he went first and had the opportunity to madness Eruption on Jaap’s Mongrel and discarded a Rootwalla to get through some extra damage. Jaap then missed his third land drop and could only Aether Burst Jeroen’s two drop. When he flashbacked a Deep Analysis on turn four and didn’t play a land the rest of the game was fairly academic.

Game 3

No mulligans this time and Jaap kicked things off with a Careful Study discarding a Forest and a Naturalize. He followed that up with a Study on turn 2 discarding Wonder and Roar.

“Soooo..double mulligan?”

Jeroen had the turn two Mongrel and things weren’t looking too good for Jaap. Jeroen played mongrel number two but he didn’t play his third land and Jaap was going to be able to flashback Roar next turn. He didn’t though, playing Careful Study and discarding an Arrogant Wurm and another Roar. When Jeroen didn’t find another land again, he was way too far behind on tempo to keep up. He died with double Eruption, Threaten, Call of the Herd in hand.

Game, set and match to Jaap.

Jaap Brouwer

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Jeroen Remie

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