Round 1: Kyle Reid vs. Jurgen Hahn

Posted in Event Coverage on June 14, 2002

By Josh Bennett

This first round saw affable japester and self-described "Marine Biologist" Jürgen Hahn square off against the King of Ontario, Kyle Reid. Reid is reigning Regional and Provincial Champion, and followed up with a Top 16 at Grand Prix - Montreal. Reid is running modern Psychatog. Hahn is with Green-Red-Blue Madness.

Hahn sent his first hand back, accepting his mulligan graciously. "At least now I have a reason for losing." He checked his reason list again, and decided to dig up five. They weren't worth a damn.

"I have won with a four card hand before." - Kyle Reid
"Thank you, that's ... inspiring." - Jürgen Hahn

Finally, at four cards, Hahn found something he could run. He started with Basking Rootwalla and Merfolk Looter. However, Reid's Nightscape Familiar enabled Repulse, keeping the drawing engine off the board. Recoil did the same. All the while, Hahn was taking a lot of pain from his Karplusan Forest and Shivan Reef. Reid's Deep Analysis turned up a Psychatog.

With the game firmly in hand, Reid pulled up his "tech": Afflict. He couldn't contain schoolgirlish giggles. However, he never got the chance to show it off. Hahn came off the top with Flametongue Kavu, and Reid easily blunted its effect with Fact or Fiction.

"Now that I've seen five more cards, let's play Game 2." - Jürgen Hahn

Reid 1 - Hahn 0

With no mulligans on either side, Game 2 was assured to be a more civilized affair. Hahn paved the way for a Wild Mongrel with Ice on an island. Arrogant Wurm got countered, but Hahn kept Reid off Fact or Fiction with Gainsay. Violent Eruption went to the dome, and suddenly Reid was at eight.

"Delusions of Mediocrity." - Kyle Reid
"How fitting." - Jürgen Hahn

Hahn madnessed out an Arrogant Wurm in respnse, threatening Gainsay with two mana. Reid dropped Force Spike. Hahn shrugged and paid. The Spike was the fourth card in Reid's graveyard, letting him Demise the Wurm.

Merfolk Looter
Nantuko Blightcutter joined Hahn's team, and he started taking big chunks out of Reid's life total. A Fact or Fiction gave Reid more options, but they just served to keep fresh troops off the board. Another Delusions brought Reid to twenty-two. Hahn just kept swinging. Repulse sent the Blightcutter home, but Reid had no counter for it on the way back. He scooped it up.

Reid 1 - Hahn 1

Hahn had to mulligan again in the deciding game. Reid could think of nothing to say that wasn't malicious, and so kept quiet. Hahn's six were excellent.

Reid was in control from the get-go. He had Force Spike for Aquamoeba, then slammed down Psychatog before there could be any funny business. Hahn came back with Merfolk Looter. Reid, whose poker face is much closer to a clown face, flashed his topdeck to the spectators. "First pick, baby!", he crowed. He slammed down Afflict to erase the Looter.

Even missing a land drop could not dim Reid's smile. He had Ghastly Demise for a second Looter, and then a second Psychatog. Hahn tapped low for a last gasp that went countered. Reid's Repulse made the math add up, and he swung for the win.

Final Result: Kyle Reid defeats Jürgen Hahn 2-1

Jurgen Hahn, 5-1

Download Arena Decklist

Kyle Reid, 4-2

Download Arena Decklist

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