Round 1: Land Lucy vs. Dennis Spiegel

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By Toby Wachter

Land Lucy

This match saw Land's Mono-Blue permission based deck face off against Dennis' red deck, which packed plenty of burn along with the usual efficient creatures such as Jackal Pup and Mogg Fanatic. Dennis was also using creatures such as Dwarven Miner and Gorilla Shaman, which are essential in the Type 1 environment.

Land's deck is capable of gaining a massive amount of card advantage thanks to the usual suspects Ancestral Recall and Fact or Fiction. In order to overcome the pure power of Land's deck, Dennis will need to have a speedy start, and enough mana disruption to win before Land's deck gets going.

Game 1

Land opened up strong with Black Lotus and an island, sending the turn over. Dennis then played a mountain and a Chain Lightning, dealing three to the dome. The mana acceleration continued on Land's next turn, as he played a second island and Sol Ring. Dennis now played a Gorilla Shaman, which looked hungry to chow down on some of Land's precious artifacts. It was activated right away to destroy the Black Lotus. Land then Impulsed into an Ancestral, gaining massive card advantage.

As if this wasn't enough, Land played a Library of Alexandria, followed up by a Powder Keg. Dennis had the answer to the Library as he played a Wasteland, but used it to activate the Shaman, which destroyed Sol Ring. This left Land with only two islands and a Library left as mana sources, and the Library was a prime target for the Wasteland next turn. The next turn saw Dennis improve his position with a Dwarven Miner, followed up by killing off the Library with Wasteland. Land responded by playing Fact or Fiction. The piles presented were Counterspell/Mana Leak and Mana Drain/Island/Mox Pearl, and Land took the three card pile. He then untapped and blew the Power Keg for one, destroying the Shaman.

Dennis now played a Chain Lightning, which was Mana Drained. He followed up with Black Vise, which was Mana Leaked. Land played a Powder Keg on his next turn, giving him a safety net for future pesky creatures. It was used a few turns later to eliminate Dwarven Miner. Land played Fact or Fiction, and Dennis responded by hard casting a Fireblast, which was Misdirected. He alternate casted a second, which resolved. The Fact or Fiction now resolved, giving Land even more cards to deal with Dennis' threats. Still in Dennis' end step, land played his third Fact or Fiction of the game.

Possessing a hand full of cards, Land played a Morphling, which looked rather intimidating considering all the cards and lands Land had. Dennis played a Jackal Pup, but it seemed rather unimpressive in comparison. At this point the outcome of the game was quite obvious, as Morphling attacked until Land had won.

Lucy- 1 Spiegel- 0

Game 2

Dennis Spiegel

Dennis opened by summoning a first-turn Gorilla Shaman. He then continued to apply pressure with a second turn Jackal Pup. Land now played a Powder Keg, while Dennis cast a Lightning Bolt to the face on end step. The Pup and Shaman attacked, and Dennis played a Wasteland. A counter went on Powder Keg, and it was soon sacrificed, taking out Dennis' team. At this point, Dennis was content to sit back on cards as he attempted to burn Land out. An Incinerate resolved, but Chain Lightning was Mana Drained.

The mana provided allowed Land to play Fact or Fiction on his main phase. The piles were separated into Mox Sapphire/Library of Alexandria/Impulse and Impulse/Force of Will. Land took the three card pile, and played the Sapphire before ending his turn. Dennis was either out of steam or incredibly cautious to play cards facing Land's untapped islands, so he simply sent the turn over. Land used Impulse on end step to dig deeper into his deck.

The Library went to work, and Land was able to draw one card before the powerful card drawing tool was destroyed with a Wasteland. With a hand full of spells and plenty of mana on the table, Land played an easily protectable Morphling. Dennis tried to counter it with Pyroblast, but Land was ready with Counterspell. Dennis cast Flame Rift on the following turn, which was Counterspelled. This left Land tapped out, and Dennis used the opportunity to kill off the Morphling with Urza's Rage. Gorilla Shaman showed up on the next turn but was Hydroblasted, as Land did not feel too good about losing three Moxes to one card.

A Time Walk was followed up by Morphling, which resulted in a counter war, with plenty of Pyroblasts and Blue Elemental Blasts flying around. The end result was Morphling resolving, but Land left with no cards in hand; not the most comfortable position to be in against a burn deck. Land played a Powder Keg, which protected him from ground assaults. He then topdecked Fact or Fiction, and played it. The piles presented were Fact or Fiction/Hydroblast and Morphling/Misdirection/Island. Land took the three card pile, and attacked for five with Morphling. At this point, Dennis realized he could not win, and he conceded.

Final Result: Lucy- 2 Spiegel- 0

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