Round 1 Pairings

Posted in Event Coverage on September 27, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

  Team   Opponent
1 Cream Foundation vs Slay Pillage Gerard
2 RIW Hobbies vs Team One Point - Magicville
3 Team Trinity vs Two Kyle's and a Romanian
4 Unchain vs Attack Time
5 Rumledunk vs Cyanide
6 vs Lasse er en abe
7 Axis & Allies vs Pro Job
8 No Yaburon vs Potato Foundation
9 vs Road To Bearscape
10 Bandana vs Sports Bench
11 A to Z Comics vs Team Bjorksele
12 Inferior Human-Control Slim vs The Flaming Gambit
13 The Castle vs Togit
14 Eurotrash vs To The Bar
15 Green Monsters II vs S.S.D.
16 Turbo Petravark! vs JBL
17 The Rock and his DragonCon vs JJJ
18 Hoodwink vs Righteous Babe
19 Team Rat Cave vs CardShark
20 Lnt Chovchen vs Token European
21 Hobby One vs LNT Anthology
22 Swedish Meatballs vs
23 Sol Malka Fan Club vs Goldmember
24 Illuminaughty vs 604
25 Stalking Tiger Hidden Gibbon vs Turbo Petradon
26 Your Enemy vs Panzer Hunter
27 Fellowship of the Ting vs Illuminati
28 Evil Inc vs Hood Rich
29 vs Los Miserable
30 Domestic Affairs vs Nicht penneu
31 Wood vs B. Symposium
32 Raw Dogs vs On the stack?? What's that??
33 Berlin Magic Foundation vs Unemployed
34 Damokles vs Absolute Samuels
35 Hato Beeam vs Courtney's Boys
36 The Janitor All Stars vs Super Smash Bros
37 N.G.O.K. vs The Jokas
38 ? vs Galactus Team
39 Monster Rod vs Lovin' Spoonful
40 Latins Strike Back vs A Century of Mediocrity
41 Team Guam vs Burn Your Own Dog
42 Superstars vs Tired Lost Souls
43 Team Tank Top vs Cause 4 Concern
44 Magic Mushrooms vs 2614WB93
45 Phoenix Foundation vs Angstschreeuw
46 Axis vs Ziegler
47 vs 2020
48 Intl (Fungusaur) Conspiracy vs Team Outland 2002
49 Games Den Team vs TBS Affiliates
50 Plan 9 From Outland vs Outta Left Field
51 vs TOGIT Connection
52 Robber Fly Terror Corps vs
53 Your Move Games vs
54 De Eendjes vs The Ancient Kavus
55 Scarecrow vs D.D. Hamu
56 Team Hikiniku vs Heffern & the Cutco Allstars
57 Ubermenschen vs Nameless Race
58 Claim off Waivers vs Taller Smaller and Mauler
59 Huey Brock and Linde vs
60 Caçadores da Xavaska Perdida vs Deadguy
  Two Ch Bears And A D Mouse   * BYE *

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