Round 1 Pairings

Posted in Event Coverage on June 16, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

  Team   Opponent
1 100% Natural. No Juice vs Peanut Belly Jelly
2 Faddy Josh vs Intergalatic Rap Battlers@mg
3 Lamento Team vs The Longest Team Name In The
4 D-25 vs It Is Bug
5 Three With Nothing vs Temperature
6 Double SHU desu vs D1 Steak Sauce
7 Superheroes vs Shakes
8 Mull To Four vs TX Levels Up
9 Witness the Thickness vs Cult of Grozoth
10 I'm Gonna Lie To You vs Rollin' in from Prague
11 Wigwam vs Blind Date
12 Constructed Express vs Romanesque
13 Suited-Ding-A-Lings vs Two-Headed Giant
14 Virginia is For Lovers vs Asahara Rengou
15 Velka' Morava vs Riw Westside
16 TVA vs Gnomish Death Ray
17 Headless Pigeons vs /wrist
18 Geschenkstrahl vs Why Would You Do Zis?
19 KMH vs We Came For The Cake
20 1700.3 vs Kaissa Kalamarias
21 Big Timing With Big Oots vs
22 Prince Ponytail vs Jordan Needs A Fake ID Anyon
23 WSOM vs Team New Zealand
24 When Hary Met Feinstein vs Feimfrazzle
25 It's...A Blowout!!! vs Fat Wasabi Cracker
26 D.A.M!!! vs ESE LV3
27 Raaala Pumba vs Ammala Leiviska Keskitalo
28 The Killer Bees vs Vendetta
29 vs Fit Games
30 Yamadian Dalsim vs Yag Attack
31 is vs Rush and Country Friends
32 Stropobarbe vs Punting Baxter
33 Krumb Kicks Puppies vs Limit Break
34 No Suprises vs Thanks Stains
35 Tech vs YMG Hump-Free
36 MTGMetropolis vs Shortbus
37 Those Handsome Devils vs MCF
38 Trio Fracasso vs Jerret and Tana Sitting In A
39 Playing with Mrs Cunningham vs Straight Hard Cheese
40 Average Homeboys vs 1-2 3
41 Suits on the Loose vs Tater Tauts
42 Ramming Into Other Boats Rep vs Les Plis Classier
43 Bad Boys 3 vs Party Boys
44 Backscattered Fedriga vs Dump Truck
45 AAAAAAAAAAAAA vs Riverstars
46 Eight And A Half Tails vs Go Anan Is The Best Player
47 Nikossaliagass vs I Pity the Phu
48 Mox Radio II vs Super Hyper Tiger Dragon
49 Nate's a Jerk vs Big Tyming w/A. Lieberman
50 God Hand Wnabe vs Sky Swallow Deez
51 Tom Gweevin vs PSCM
52 Te Concerdo vs Dead Zone
53 Bob Saget AKA Danny Tanner vs . CMU
54 GG Jirou vs Tottori 1 6 1
55 Big Boy! vs Kajiharu80
56 Weak Sauce vs Jarmak Reloaded
57 Donkeys R Us vs Blue Dragon Games
58 Circle around the Block? vs I Have Candy
59 West Coast New Age vs Taniimonogatari
60 Malinchron vs Mumbling Scum
61 The Steve Perry Fan Club vs Fysmat
62 Mas Criollo Que Una Arepa vs Octopus Disco
63 Beatz McOwnzington vs FNM Superstars
64 Southern Comfort vs Amchamestatechamp
65 With Teeth vs Yogo Junzo's Army
66 Beefy Indimidatords vs Three Ambien
67 Trinity vs Mr. Bokbegok
68 Aoki The Ikemen Star vs Red Panda
69 Gnarkill vs Two Judge Giants
70 vs Obviously
71 Chuchen Team vs Chartrillionaire
72 Char U vs Dr. Acula
73 S.O.S. vs Kaiba Corporation
74 Mansects vs Pho(e)nix Foundation
75 Annoying Kids vs Feenix Phoundation
76 Foiur Roses vs Servus
77 Team Avalon vs Coucon Xie Team
78 Box vs The Blues Brothers
79 vs is this necessary?
80 Der Eiserne Thron vs Wer Braucht Schon Visa
81 I's vs Vanilla Ice
82 Shows up with dip. Dips vs Gananes Por Sistema
83 International Sausages vs Gym Teachers
84 Schere Stein Papier vs Slump Busters
85 Antarctica vs Jomesy is PERFECT!
86 Young Guns vs Boo Boo Sucks Poor
87 South of the Border vs The Sea Beast
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