Round 1 Pairings (by Team)

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By Wizards of the Coast

2 Danes & a Damvs.Outland
A Little Too Sickvs.West Coast Avengers
Absolute Samuelsvs.Black-Ops
Air Tightvs.Monkey Dog
All Cards Must Be Mintvs.Goblin Gate Aarhus
AlphaBetaUnlimited.comvs.Team Texas
AlphaBetaUnlimited.com2vs.Egghead Games
AlphaBetaUnlimited.com3vs.Tick Trick Track
Angstschreeuwvs.Good Guys
Bald Dummyvs.Skunewers
Big Dogsvs.Licence to Ill
Black-Opsvs.Absolute Samuels
Bologna Demolition Teamvs.Team $20 Dalla Billz
Capricornvs.Righteous Babe
Car Acrobatic Teamvs.The Ancient Kavus
Chouchen Teamvs.CMD
CMDvs.Chouchen Team
Collector’s Cornervs.Pierced
Cosmopolitanvs.Rug Doctors
Cospasetic Costanzavs.The Unknown Stuntmen
CPHvs.Lil’ London Thugs
Crane Style Highs Teamvs.Team Bigos
D.A.M.vs.John Waynes Severed head
Damoklesvs.Team Dayton
Dark Side of the Moonvs.Smooth Criminal
Datcho Clubvs.SKG
Davevs.Team Emon Staff
Die Zockervs.Philly
DM fan Clubvs.Gooders
Dynastyvs.Knight of Apocalypse
East Coast Creechersvs.Sol Malka Fan Club
Egghead Gamesvs.AlphaBetaUnlimited.com2
Executionersvs.Trust the French
Eyes wide shutvs.Twin tower + a midget
Family Games Centervs.Team 42
Fatal Fxvs.Team Simply Saso
Fellowship of the Tingvs.Icy Hot Stunnas
Fire Beatvs.Whatever
Game Empire 2vs.Radiant Mafu
Goblin Gate Aarhusvs.All Cards Must Be Mint
Godzillavs.Your Move Games
Good Guysvs.Angstschreeuw
Goodersvs.DM fan Club
Hate Dragonvs.Slay-Pillage-Massacre
Holey Moleyvs.Sugar Bus
Huey, Brock + Lindevs.Metagames
Icy Hot Stunnasvs.Fellowship of the Ting
John Waynes Severed headvs.D.A.M.
Killers of the Coastvs.Lyskavermaden
Knight of Apocalypsevs.Dynasty
Kowalifiedvs.Team Thundaa
KV Deckmastersvs.The Ultimate Males
Leftoversvs.The Feables
Les Plus Classvs.Singing Frog
Licence to Illvs.Big Dogs
Lil’ London Thugsvs.CPH
Lyskavermadenvs.Killers of the Coast
Mecha Shpadoinklevs.Wolfcorp
Metagamesvs.Huey, Brock + Linde
Monkey Dogvs.Air Tight
My Team Part 17vs.Random Foriegners
No Wayvs.Ride or Die
Old Bridge Teamvs.The Watchmen
Outlandvs.2 Danes & a Dam
P7dttstvs.Team Deadguy
Phillyvs.Die Zocker
Phoenix Fondationvs.Terminal Dogma
Piercedvs.Collector’s Corner
Potato Nationvs.Raging Goblins
Radiant Mafuvs.Game Empire 2
Raging Goblinsvs.Potato Nation
Random Foriegnersvs.My Team Part 17
Riddiculatronvs.Team 25:17
Ride or Dievs.No Way
Righteous Babevs.Capricorn
Rug Doctorsvs.Cosmopolitan
Salt Bagvs.Team Reprazent
Singing Frogvs.Les Plus Class
SKGvs.Datcho Club
Skunewersvs.Bald Dummy
Slay-Pillage-Massacrevs.Hate Dragon
Smooth Criminalvs.Dark Side of the Moon
Sobervs.Team Denmark
Sol Malka Fan Clubvs.East Coast Creechers
Stalking Tiger hidden gibbonvs.Your Move Games: TNG
Sugar Busvs.Holey Moley
Superstarsnet.comvs.Saussback Team
Team $20 Dalla Billzvs.Bologna Demolition Team
Team 25:17vs.Riddiculatron
Team 42vs.Family Games Center
Team Bigosvs.Crane Style Highs Team
Team Champion.comvs.Wheat & Rye
Team Claspvs.Ziegler
Team Daytonvs.Damokles
Team Deadguyvs.P7dttst
Team Denmarkvs.Sober
Team Eggheadvs.Team Needs/Hotel Room
Team Emon Staffvs.Dave
Team Needs/Hotel Roomvs.Team Egghead
Team Parisvs.Vicious Bombings
Team Reprazentvs.Salt Bag
Team Simply Sasovs.Fatal Fx
Team Thundaavs.Kowalified
Terminal Dogmavs.Phoenix Fondation
The Ancient Kavusvs.Car Acrobatic Team
The Feablesvs.Leftovers
The Ken Ho All
The Ultimate Malesvs.KV Deckmasters
The Unknown Stuntmenvs.Cospasetic Costanza
The Watchmenvs.Old Bridge Team
Tick Trick Trackvs.AlphaBetaUnlimited.com3
Trust the Frenchvs.Executioners
T-Timevs.Wakka Wakka
Twin tower + a midgetvs.Eyes wide shut
Vicious Bombingsvs.Team Paris
Wakka Wakkavs.T-Time
West Coast Avengersvs.A Little Too Sick
Whatevervs.Fire Beat
Wheat & Ryevs.Team
Wolfcorpvs.Mecha Shpadoinkle
www.dnscards.comvs.The Ken Ho All Stars
www.electrotank.comvs.Trash AAA
www.teamacademy.comvs.Ballers Symposium
Your Move Gamesvs.Godzilla
Your Move Games: TNGvs.Stalking Tiger hidden gibbon
Zieglervs.Team Clasp

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