Round 1: Rory Walker vs. Jason Rose

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By Josh Bennett

Rory Walker

This match offered spectators a glance at The New Extended. Unfortunately, with so little time to test, its players had not incorporated much Apocalypse into their decks. Rory Walker played a fairly standard Oath deck, and Jason Rose brought a post-banning Donate/Illusions deck.

Jason got things off to a rollicking start, with an Ancient Tomb firing off a Turn 2 Intuition for three Illusions of Grandeur. His opponent, Rory, had only a tapped Treetop Village in play. He added a Tropical Island, threatening countermagic, but let Jason Frantic Search, then play Illusions with an Island open.

Rory Impulsed at the end of Jason's turn, finding an absolutely incredible Wasteland. He untapped, and took down the Tomb, eliminating Jason's hope for a quick win.

Jason paid the upkeep for only one turn, Rory dug a little deeper with Brainstorm, finally finding a Force of Will. Unfortunately, he was stuck at three lands, and had to wait Jason out. Jason patiently rebuilt his mana base, and used Merchant Scroll to fetch Capsize.

Jason Rose

He struck. At the end of Rory's turn he tapped out (taking more damage from his second Tomb) to bounce Rory's Treetop Village. Rory calmly laid Disrupt on the table. Jason Forced, removing Frantic Search. Rory Disrupted again. Jason Forced again. Capsize resolved, but Jason's hand was nearly empty.

Rory was in control. Jason couldn't lock him out of the game, and couldn't keep the pressure up for long because of Ancient Tomb. He let his opponent trade life for time, staying at four lands. He used Sylvan Library to bustify his hand, and when Jason went for an eleventh-hour one-turn kill, he was ready with Force of Will. Jason conceded.

Jason played an early Defense Grid in Game 2, but couldn't capitalize. Rory's Powder Keg took it down before it could cause any mayhem. He had Sylvan Library working for him, and his hand was doubled-up with Force of Will, so he let Jason have free reign.

Some uneventful turns later, Rory played Seal of Cleansing, and it resolved without incident. Jason's board was eight islands and two Medallions. Rory's hand was two Forces, three Counterspells, Disenchant and Pyroblast. Unsurprisingly, Jason's Accumulated Knowledge for three did not resolve. Back to Basics met the Seal.

Jason put Illusions into play, in preparation for the kill. He had only four cards in hand, so Rory just revealed his. Jason took one look and packed it in.

Team Troll and Toad was in rare form, losing only their Vintage match. Their team boasts such names as Chris Benafel and Ed Fear. Though suspended from sanctioned play, the Sideboard Team Challenge is an unsanctioned event, so Fear is free to strut his stuff.

Final Result:Rory Walker defeats Jason Rose 2-0

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