Round 1: Scott Johns vs. Ryan Fuller

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By Tony Tsai

"Anytime ABU plays Potato Nation- it ain't pretty," said Ryan Fuller. Scott Johns replied, "The last time I played Fuller, I mashed him into the ground." With these fighting words these two rivals were ready to play their $2000 ante match. Fuller is sporting a G/U deck with the standard bounce and make my men big spells that are common in such a deck archetype. Johns has G/R deck with lots of men and lots of burn, and a few men that can burn (Chainflingers).

Game 1

Johns won the roll and elected to start. Turn 1 he played probably the best 1CC creature in the format, Diligent Farmhand. After smashing Fuller in the face for 1, Johns passed the turn, leaving mana up to fetch out a land. Fuller responded with mana acceleration of his own in the form of a second-turn Werebear. On turn 4, Johns had access to 4 mana and plays one of his many Chainflingers in an attempt to kill the druid bear before he could become big. Not wanting his beloved druid bear to die, Fuller enchanted it with Seton's Desire, and hit Johns for 3. The next few turns saw Fuller play out a Wild Mongrel, and Johns playing out a Barbarian Lunatic and a Nantuko Disciple with both players swinging back and forth in a bloodbath of a race. The breaking point occured when Johns played out a second Nantuko Disciple and left his first active one back, planning to keep Fuller's Wild Mongrel and Seton's Desired Werebear at bay. Fuller, however, had a Sylvan Might and was able to kill off one of the disciples when it blocked the Werebear. At this point the life totals stood 11-6 in favor of Fuller.

Although the beatings didn't take much time, the turns took quite a while as there were many calculations to be made. At one point it took about 5 minutes for Johns to decide which creatures were attacking, and 3 more minutes for Fuller to respond. When Fuller attempted to cast Deluge, a heated argument ensued questioning whether priority had passed or not within the attack phase. At the end, Head Judge Cyril Grillon made his ruling which allowed the deluge to be played during his main phase. Johns then said done, but with Sylvan Might that could be flashed back and 4 cards in his hand to pump the Wild Mongrel, an Elephant Ambush that Johns cast was not able to absorb enough damage.

Game 2

The second game went quite fast. The first play of the game was Fuller's Leaf Dancer. Fuller took 5 to the head rather then let the dancer die to a Blazing Salvo. Johns then untapped and played a Lithatog. Fuller then cast a Springing Tiger which Johns matched with his own. With no mana up and fearing a giant growth type spell, Johns did not want to risk his tiger and did not block when fuller attacked with his. John's tiger was dematerialized, and another 5 life was paid by Fuller when Johns used his second Blazing Salvo on Fuller's Tiger. A timely deluge by Fuller (free of incident this time) made it so a Sylvan Might and an AEther Burst was enough damage to finish Johns off in a few turns.

Final Result: Fuller wins 2-0

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