Round 1: Stan van der Velden vs. Stefan Fung

Posted in Event Coverage on March 2, 2002

By Craig Jones

Some people just aren't satisfied. Stan van der Velden had a bye but decided to renounce it. In his thinking one bye is not much better than zero byes in a 600+ player tournament and he wanted to play the extra round in an attempt to gain more ranking points for the upcoming European Championships. His opponent is Stefan Fung, who traveled across from Germany.

Game 1

Game 1 started badly for the German when he was forced to mulligan down to five cards going first. This didn't stop him leading off with everyone's favorite two-drop: Wild Mongrel. Unfortunately he then missed a couple of land drops while van der Velden made a couple of unexciting fliers, Mystic Familiar and Aven Cloudchaser.

A Werebear looked to help the situation a little but then the game turned even worse for Fung as van der Velden stopped the Mongrel with Kirtar's Desire and removed the Werebear with a Cabal Torturer.

There was some hope when van der Velden ran a Zombie Assassin into the Mongrel. Fung discarded a card to turn the Mongrel black and van der Velden put damage on stack and then cast Shelter, thinking he could save the Assassin by making it pro-black. This doesn't work as the colour of the damage is checked when the damage resolves and so the German was able to discard a further card to make the Mongrel blue and bypass the Shelter.

"Rules, rules, rules, who cares," Stan van der Velden said.

It didn't really matter as neither a Skeletal Scrying or a Last Rites stopped the two fliers and van der Velden went 1-0 up.

Stan van der Velden 1-0 Stefan Fung

Game 2

Early in game 2, Fung cast a Mesmeric Fiend revealing Crippling Fatigue, Cabal Torturer, Graceful Antelope, a lot of swamps and zero plains.

"Fear the Graceful Antelope," van der Velden joked.

A Firebolt from the top made the Fiend only a temporary nuisance and a barrage of further removal spells took care of the creatures Fung followed it with.

Van der Velden seemed to be battling along fine without his second color but then a bout of Temporary Insanity on his Zombie Assassin caused it to take out his only other creature, a Chainflinger. Fung couldn't really take advantage as a Nantuko Mentor didn't seem very impressive with only a 1/1 Werebear on his side.

Finally van der Velden found a plains and began beats with a mighty...erm... Beloved Chaplain.

A Skeletal Scrying should have netted some good card advantage for Fung but he managed to draw three land and a Soul Scourge, and that was never going to hang around for very long.

The German didn't really draw much of anything from that point and finally died to the Chaplain and a Mystic Familiar.

Ahh, the might of round 1.

Van der Velden's gamble paid off as he went into round 2 with exactly the same points as a bye would have given him but a few ranking points better off. Who needs byes anyway?

Final Result: Stan van der Velden beat Stefan Fung, 2-0

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