Round 1: Zvi Mowshowitz vs. Alan Comer

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By Randy Buehler

Longtime teammates Zvi Mowshowitz and Alan Comer seemed very unhappy when they found out they were paired against each other in the first round of the Masters. They had spent a lot of time talking about the format with each other and came to different conclusions, but each seemed very happy with the deck they had drafted. Zvi got exactly the hyper-aggressive red-green deck he wanted while Comer got an almost mono-blue deck with 3 Aether Bursts, Repel, 2 Scriveners, and an amazing assortment of fliers. Both players agreed that there must have been several players at their table who simply did not know how to draft Odyssey, because that's the only way their decks could have been as good as they are.

Zvi joked when he sat down that they should just play the game out on Magic Online. Both players have been involved in beta-testing the program and Zvi did all his preparation for this Masters using the new program. "When I learned Sunday night that this deck was good, I was able to draft it 10 times before I had to leave for New Orleans." Comer had learned drafting online a few weeks earlier exactly how good Scrivener could be.

Comer did his best to trade creatures with Zvi in game 1 instead of taking damage. He bounced a coupel of token creatures and he even let a Windreader die rather than pay five life to a Blazing Salvo because he knew how important it was to maintain his life total against his friend's strategy. Comer was up a million cards thanks to a Concentrate and a Morgue Theft, but nothing could stop Zvi from playing Overrun and then sacrificing all his lands to Lithatog. Since he also had an Ember Beast and a squirrel token in play, that added up to over 20 damage when Zvi only needed to deal 12.

Comer did take five damage from a Blazing Salvo early in game 2 because he really wanted to keep his Cephalid Broker in play. Zvi once again had Ember Beast and Lithatog serving up some beats and Comer was once again blocking with his good fliers in an effort to stabilize the board and win via card advantage in the late game. Zvi's Muscle Burst and Seton's Desire (on a Mad Dog) made it really difficult for Comer to block effectively. When Zvi added a Minotaur Explorer to his army and hasted it up with Reckless Charge (his random discard was an Elephant Ambush), Comer was forced to activate his Cephalid Broker and pray for an Aether Burst. He failed to find a second Burst despite seeing over half his deck and Zvi was on to the second round.

Final Result: Mowshowitz 2 - Comer 0

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