Round 10 Draft: Watch Out for Timberwatch vs. Bottom Set

Posted in Event Coverage on September 13, 2003

By Josh Bennett

This is the second year in a row that the Guevins, the unpredictable Tom and comparatively predictable Peter, have been within striking range of the Top 4. This time around they haven't got Danny Mandel with them, instead opting for Paul Rietzl, who recently ground in to U.S. Nationals. All their hard work and preparation is going to be put to the test this round when they face Bottom Set, the powerhouse trio of Dave Williams, Neil Reeves and Bob Maher.

Maher's team won the flip, and chose to kick off.

Pack 1: Onslaught

Reeves Dive Bomber Mistform Mask Aphetto Grifter
Williams Commando Invigorating Boon Spurred Wolverine
T. Guevin Elvish Warrior Disciple of Grace
P. Guevin Ascending Aven Daru Healer
Rietzl Threaten Profane Prayers
Maher Goblin Sledder Endemic Plague

Not much to say here. Reeves signals blue-white and Peter matches.

Pack 2:

Williams Gustcloak Savior Mistform Mask Annex
T. Guevin Elvish Warrior Lay Waste
P. Guevin Pacifism Disciple of Grace
Rietzl Festering Goblin Forgotten Cave
Maher Explosive Vegetation Tribal Unity
Reeves Battlefield Medic Imagecrafter

Williams keeps the ludicrous Savior from crossing to the other side, while Maher signs on with his obvious green seat, and Rietzl heads red-black.

Pack 3:

T. Guevin Wirewood Savage
P. Guevin Shieldmage Elder Gustcloak Runner Sage Aven
Rietzl Solar Blast Fade From Memory Wave of Indifference
Maher Barkhide Mauler Aphetto Vulture
Reeves Mistform Dreamer Shepherd of Rot
Williams Aven Brigadier Piety Charm

You'd better believe there was a lot of gesturing when this pack was opened. The Brigadier seemed obvious, but it's not as spectacular in the blue-white mirror, since it affects both players. Timberwatch seized on this fact and started pointing at Shieldmage Elder, a meaty bomb if unremoved. Peter remained unconvinced, but accepted his teammates wishes. His eyes bugged out of his head when Reeves passed it on to Williams and switched his black for white. It was a massive blow to Timberwatch, and Bottom Set immediately started smiling.

Pack 4:

P. Guevin Pacifism Rummaging Wizard Mistform Mask
Rietzl Swat Goblin Burrows Nosy Goblin
Maher Anurid Murkdiver Misery Charm Gustcloak Runner
Reeves Tribal Unity Mage's Guile
Williams Sandskin Windswept Heath
T. Guevin Birchlore Rangers Leery Fogbeast

Pretty straightforward, except Maher realized too late that Reeves would benefit more from Misery Charm than Mage's Guile.

Pack 5:

Rietzl Erratic Explosion Fade From Memory Gustcloak Runner
Maher Barkhide Mauler Riptide Biologist
Reeves Mistform Dreamer Spined Basher
Williams Daunting Defender Fever Charm
T. Guevin Vitality Charm Towering Baloth
P. Guevin Daru Encampment Wretched Anurid

Maher snags a late Biologist in case Guevin's deck drifts more towards Beasts.

Pack 6:

Maher Vitality Charm Crown of Vigor Riptide Biologist
Reeves Erratic Explosion Misery Charm Imagecrafter
Williams Shock Foothill Guide
T. Guevin Leery Fogbeast Ironfist Crusher
P. Guevin Essence Fracture Ancestor's Prophet
Rietzl Shepherd of Rot Embermage Goblin

Afterwards, Maher would express surprise that Reeves shunned the second Shepherd in favor of Erratic Explosion. Reeves didn't think the card would do enough.

Pack 7: Legions

Maher Feral Throwback Wall of Hope
Rietzl Embalmed Brawler Berserk Murlodont
P. Guevin Covert Operative Starlight Invoker
T. Guevin Krosan Vorine Needleshot Gourna
Williams Goblin Clearcutter Flamewave Invoker
Reeves Sootfeather Flock Brontotherium

Move along.

Pack 8:

Rietzl Skirk Marauder Bloodstoke Howler Crypt Sliver
P. Guevin Keeneye Aven Aven Envoy Goblin Firebug
T. Guevin Patron of the Wild Hundroog Berserk Murlodont
Williams Wingbeat Warrior Lowland Tracker
Reeves Withered Wretch Ridgetop Raptor
Maher Branchsnap Lorian Krosan Cloudscraper

Lots of green cards, both for Tom and Maher.

Pack 9:

P. Guevin Chromeshell Crab Daru Mender Cephalid Pathmage
T. Guevin Stonewood Invoker Hundroog Berserk Murlodont
Williams Goblin Clearcutter Whipgrass Entangler
Reeves Mistform Seaswift Master of the Veil
Maher Sootfeather Flock Crypt Sliver
Rietzl Deftblade Elite Lowland Tracker

With nothing much in the pack for his aggressive red-black, Rietzl cuts. Peter is more than happy to scoop up the Crab, but goodies still make it to the other side. Guevin didn't like either of his options between Stonewood and Clearcutter, but eventually made the choice.

Pack 10:

T. Guevin Stonewood Invoker Goblin Assassin
Williams Aven Warhawk Warbreak Trumpeter
Reeves Covert Operative Keeper of the Nine Gales
Maher Skinthinner Quick Sliver
Rietzl Crested Craghorn Macetail Hystrodon
P. Guevin Whipgrass Entangler Starlight Invoker

If the last decision was hard, this one was agony. With no way to stop the good cards from getting to the other team, Tom Guevin goes for consistency and enhances his two-slot. Crested Craghorn and Whipgrass Entangler still make it to his teammates.

Pack 11:

Williams Aven Redeemer
Reeves Toxin Sliver Vile Deacon Master of the Veil
Maher Timberwatch Elf Totem Speaker
Rietzl Goblin Turncoat Crested Craghorn
Peter Guevin Gempalm Avenger Liege of the Axe
Tom Guevin Glowering Rogon Needleshot Gourna

As soon as this pack was cracked, Neil Reeves started gesticulating at his opponents' team name. Reeves's Toxin Sliver went well with his many Mistforms and possibly his Imagecrafters. Vile Deacon on the swingback was no slouch either.

Pack 12:

Reeves Smokespew Invoker Voidmage Apprentice
Maher Krosan Vorine Defiant Elf
Rietzl Smokespew Invoker Embalmed Brawler
P. Guevin Aven Redeemer Ward Sliver
T. Guevin Patron of the Wild Berserk Murlodont
Williams Celestial Gatekeeper Covert Operative

The players thought this was an error pack, but both Smokespews were stamped correctly. Williams had no problem taking Celestial Gatekeeper, and Peter seemed surprised that Tom didn't hate the Gatekeeper.

Pack 13: Scourge

Reeves Zombie Cutthroat Temporal Fissure
Williams Carbonize Wipe Clean
T. Guevin Torrent of Fire Frozen Solid
P. Guevin Dragon Scales Zealous Inquisitor
Rietzl Consuptive Goo Spark Spray
Maher Alpha Status Death's-Head Buzzard

Reeves didn't even blink at Dragon Scales, immediately taking The Cuts. Rietzl was thrilled to have Consumptive Goo, but Maher dismissed it a card he doesn't rate at all.

Pack 14:

Williams Dawn Elemental Sprouting Vines Woodcloaker
T. Guevin Krosan Warchief Wipe Clean
P. Guevin Rush of Knowledge Dragon Wings
Rietzl Lingering Death Gilded Light
Maher Extra Arms Scattershot
Reeves Aven Liberator Reap the Graves

More bomb rares for Williams, how corrupt! Guevin's Warchief wasn't ludicrous, thanks to his mostly B-string collection of Beasts. Maher considered a possible red splash

Pack 15:

T. Guevin Zombie Cutthroat Break Asunder
P. Guevin Dragon Scales Long-Term Plans
Rietzl Putrid Raptor Bonethorn Valesk
Maher Carrion Feeder Stifle
Reeves Raven Guild Initiate Unburden
Williams Torrent of Fire Zealous Inquisitor

Again, Williams with the strong wheel. Williams would later comment that it seemed his deck was overpowered for his matchup while the other two suffered, but that he didn't know what they could have done differently

Pack 16:

P. Guevin Rush of Knowledge Guilty Conscience
Rietzl Twisted Abomination Sprouting Vines
Maher Dragon Shadow Krosan Drover
Reeves Extra Arms Hindering Touch
Williams Liberator Rock Jockey
T. Guevin Chill Haunting Misguided Rage

Yes, that is Tom Guevin picking Misguided Rage over Krosan Drover. While building he flashed his Lay Waste and Rages and said "If he has no lands, he can't win! This is exactly the sort of thing Bob Maher would do! I'm going to out - Bob Maher Bob Maher!" When his decision was questioned, he responded "You gotta be like Phil Helmuth and envision yourself winning. This is how I envision myself winning!"

Pack 17:

Rietzl Consumptive Goo Rock Jockey
Maher Dragon Shadow Unburden
Reeves Unspeakable Symbol Krosan Drover
Williams Aven Farseer Bonethorn Valesk
T. Guevin Claws of Wirewood Fierce Empath
P. Guevin Raven Guild Initiate Vengeful Dead

Here again, Rietzl shows how much he loves the Goo.

Pack 18:

Maher Dragon Mage Treetop Scout
Reeves Zombie Cutthroat Edgewalker
Williams Wing Shards Wipe Clean
T. Guevin Goblin Brigand Break Asunder
P. Guevin Frozen Solid Spark Spray
Rietzl Unburden Death's-Head Buzzard

Maher hated the Mage with a smile, for Guevin, who flailed his arms.

As they built their decks, Bottom Set were reluctant to give themselves an advantage. Williams looked like a sure winner, but Maher and Reeves weren't sure how their matches would go. Maher feared the speed of Tom's deck, and almost wound up playing One With Nature and Treetop Scout, saying "If I get lands, I'm gonna win."

Strangely, that lined up well with Tom Guevin's seemingly-mad insistence on playing land destruction. Rietzl was worried about his match against Williams, but thought it was by no means unwinnable. Peter Guevin thought he had a good shot against Reeves, whose deck he thought would lack cohesion. They were on the whole unnerved by the mishap with the Brigadier, but rallied as best they could.

Maher's team cherished the memory of the Brigadier, however they still insisted that the draft had gone poorly after that major advantage. They just couldn't pinpoint where.

Bob Maher

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Neil Reeves

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David Williams

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Tom Guevin

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Peter Guevin

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Paul Rietzl

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