Round 10: Eugene Harvey vs. John Pelcak

Posted in Event Coverage on August 15, 2004

By Joseph Kambourakis

Eugene Harvey is playing Vial Affinity and started day one out with a 9-0 record. Eugene is a former U.S. National Champion and this TOGIT member has had great success with the winning deck from Grand Prix: Orlando. He is playing against John Pelcak, who is also 9-0 and in second place overall. He is playing a Red/Green deck with a lot of artifact spot removal built to deal with the vast number of Affinity decks played in this format. John is a player from the Minnesota and recently finished seventh at Pro Tour: Seattle with his teammates Tim Aten, and Rookie of the Year competitor Gadiel Szleifer.

Game 1

Eugene started off slowly with Blinkmoth Nexus and Chromatic Sphere. Leading with the Nexus here prevents John from Oxidizing his first land and gaining a tempo advantage. On Eugene's third turn he used Cranial Plating to get some early damage in. John could have cast Oxidize on the plating, but elected to leave his mana up for his Wayfarer's Bauble having missed a land drop. John's fourth turn brought out a Virdian Shaman, destroying the Cranial Plating, but a Myr Retreiver could bring it back at any time.

Eugene put pressure on with Arcbound Ravager and Atog on his turn. The Ravager was met with an Oxidize, keeping things about even. Arc-Slogger looked promising for John. Myr Retreiver is sacrificed to return Cranial Plating leading to a big attack with a plated Myr Enforcer and an Atog, which are both lethal damage if not blocked. John is forced to chump block with his Slogger and Viridian Shaman and is far to behind with no creatures on the board to come back this game. The last turn Atog comes in for lethal damage.

Harvey 1 - Pelcak 0

Game 2

Pelcak double mulliganed playing this game and fell far behind. Affinity's speed greatly punishes poor draws like this and after John failed to play a second land it was essentially over.

Harvey 2-0

Eugene attributed his win to his strong draw Game 1 and John's poor draw Game 2. John had previously gone 4-0 versus Affinity largely on the strength of Isochron Scepter and was a favorite but his deck failed to show up this match.

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