Round 10: Feature Match – Gao Tan (Chancellor Valakut) vs. Wu Yue (Blue Black Control)

Posted in Event Coverage on July 1, 2011

By Chapman Sim

Game 1

Gao had to throw back his initial seven and agonized over his next six cards. He eventually decided to go down to five and keep whatever cards he had left. He started the game by revealing Chancellor of the Tangle to his opponent but Wu wanted more information.

Wu opened with Darkslick Shores and Duress to see Joraga Treespeaker, the mentioned Chancellor and three lands. When Gao tried to level up the Elf, Wu dispatched it with Go for the Throat.

Wu Yue

Explore netted Gao a Lotus Cobra and when he tried to resolve Chancellor of the Tangle, it was on the receiving end of Mana Leak. Both players seemed to have no action whatsoever but the Lotus Cobra was busy taking cheap shots at its master's enemy. Still refusing to crack his Ratchet Bomb (with two charge counters), Wu went down to 14 and tapped out for Grave Titan.

Using this opportunity, Gao resolved Avenger of Zendikar but had no land to go with his 7 Plant tokens. Grave Titan sneaked in for six damage, upping the Zombie count to four. Failing to draw a land, he resolved Chancellor of the [autocard]Tangle[/autocard] this time but it was sent to the grave with Wu's second copy of Go for the Throat.

A topdeck from the Valakut player promised to change the game. Green Sun's Zenith allowed Primeval Titan to enter the battlefield, growing all his plant tokens into 2/3s, good enough to stave off six opposing 2/2 Zombies. While Wu might not lose in the red zone, it was inevitable that he would die to multiple Valakuts on the next turn.

Gao Tan fights back from five cards to take Game One.

Gao Tan 1 - Wu Yue 0

Game 2

Gao started by revealing Chancellor of the Tangle to enable turn one Explore and when he tried to resolve Oracle of Mul Daya, Wu was ready with Mana Leak. Jace Beleren reloaded his hand and dug deeper into his deck with Preordain and Spreading Seas.

Gao Tan

Playing around additional Mana Leaks, Gao resolved Green Sun's Zenith to grab himself a deceivingly important Lotus Cobra but it once again fell to Go for the Throat.

Jace Beleren allowed both players to draw a card simultaneously but Wu had to be sure he didn't give any important spells to Gao. A Duress revealed THREE Chancellor of the [autocard]Tangle[/autocard]s, Avenger of Zendikar and Artisan of Kozilek, prompting Wu to gasp. Wu had Mana Leak for the plant generating monstrosity but could not stop Primeval Titan from searching up double Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle. A pair of Tectonic Edges took them out, but Gao wasn't worried at all.

He untapped and summoned Artisan of Kozilek to resurrect Avenger of Zendikar, then attacked with Primeval Titan tutoring up two more Valakuts. The rest is pretty much self-explanatory.

Gao Tan defeats Wu Yue to take the match.

Gao Tan 2 - Wu Yue 0

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