Round 10 Feature Match: André Konstanczer vs. Ryan Fuller

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By Mark Wraith

Both of these players were on 8-1 going into this round, so still firmly in contention for the Top 8, for which they would probably need three more wins.

Game 1

André started in the first game and both players were satisfied with their opening draws. André played nothing for the first few turns, while Ryan played a turn one Stormscape Apprentice, and attacked with it once before Konstanczer drops a turn three Sparring Golem.

Ryan had nothing on his third turn, and his only source of white mana was a Tinder Farm, so he took two damage. Fuller's Aurora Griffin was Excluded, André following it up with a Hanna, Ship's Navigator. "It can serve for one or bring back your Sparring Golem", mocked Fuller, who was less than impressed.

Ryan's Riptide Crab wasn't exactly great either - although André did point out that it could block Hanna. André played a couple of flyers in consecutive turns, first a Volcano Imp and then a Hunting Drake, which returned Ryan's Serpentine Kavu to the top of his library. These flyers reduced Ryan to eight while he recast his Serpentine Kavu, and started to use his Stormscape Apprentice.

The German's beatdown was far from drying up - he played a Goham Djinn which was a 5/5 due to the preponderance of blue creatures in play. Ryan had a Treva's Charm, which he could use to remove an attacker, but he decided to play a Quirion Elf instead, which left him with the wrong colors of mana to use it.

André played a Sinister Strength on his Sparring Golem - both potential targets for his Hanna, and attacked with everything except for the Legend. Ryan tapped the Djinn, but Konstanczer retaliated by Repulsing Fuller's Serpentine Kavu, leaving him with only a Quirion Elf and a Riptide Crab. These two chumped the Golem and the Djinn, but Ryan still went down to six and had only a Stormscape Apprentice in play.

Ryan had plenty of cards in his hand, and tried to look for a way to survive, and despite the fact that he had quite a few options, the head judge, Thomas Bisballe felt that he was taking too long to play, and gave him a Slow Play Warning. Ryan seemed pretty upset at this since he did have quite a few things he could do, with Treva's Charm and a couple of cheap creatures, but in any case worked out that he could in fact not survive the German's next turn and conceded the game.

Game 2

Neither player did anything in their first couple of turns, after Ryan went first. André had an Exclude in his hand but decided to cast a Disciple of Kangee instead. This looked like it was perhaps a mistake since Fuller now played a Benalish Heralds - although he didn't have any blue mana.

André Repulsed it immediately and attacked for two, which was an unusual decision since Ryan could replay it before Konstanczer had his Exclude mana back open. André also played a Stormscape Apprentice and Fuller had nothing in he could play without first drawing a blue mana source.

The German took advantage of Ryan's slow draw by casting Probe with kicker, discarding two lands himself, while Ryan had to lose a Gerrard's Command with his land.

Ryan played a Rampant Elephant, which could at least hold off the Disciple of Kangee, but was Lobotomized next turn. This showed that he had a Rushing River, a Dismantling Blow, a Canopy Surge and a Plains. Ryan didn't have any more Rushing River's in his deck, but at least André got to see that Fuller had a Treva's Charm and a Nemata, Grove Guardian as potential threats.

The Canadian looked to have stabilized though he was on fourteen life, with André only getting through for one via a Disciple of Kangee and a Nightscape Familiar. This illusion of stability didn't last for long, though, as a Goham Djinn was summoned by Konstanczer. Ryan finally found a blue mana source with a Quirion Elf, but now it was the Goham Djinn's turn to learn flying from the Disciple, attacking Ryan down to eight, and laying a Cavern Harpy

Fuller had Magma Burst but even though the Djinn was currently 3/3, Ryan couldn't kill it as André could return his Cavern Harpy to his hand, making white the most common color of permanents in play. Ryan thought about whether to Magma Burst some other targets instead, and did indeed decide to remove the Apprentice and the Disciple of Kangee.

André still had a flying Cavern Harpy though, and played another flyer - an Aurora Griffin. He thought for too long and also picked up a Slow Play warning, which seemed a little unnecessary since he enchanted his Harpy with Sinister Strength, and attacked for lethal damage!

André Konstanczer defeats Ryan Fuller 2 - 0

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