Round 10 Feature Match: Antoine Ruel (France) vs. Paco Llopis (Spain)

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

As the shuffling ended, Paco surprised the spectators by pulling out a windup Frankenstein to walk around the table.

Game One

The first play of the round got a few laughs out of the small crowd: Paco dropped a Island and Antoine played a Rushwood Legate for free! Paco played a Darting Merfolk and they traded blows for a while, with Antoine adding a Treetop Bracers to the Legate. It also became obvious that Antoine couldn't find his third land and that was slowing him down. In the meantime Paco dropped a Waterfrount Bouncer and a Rishadan Airship to take advantage.

When he finally found it (his third land and first swamp) Antoine's Silt Crawler got Dazed. The Bouncer got rid of the big Legate and Antoine was in deep trouble as that Airship was taking huge chunks out of his life. He did play a Belbe's Armor but couldn't get any extra help. Paco found a second island and used it to drop a Shock Troops and put an end to the sorry Legate. Antoine tried to stop the bleeding with a Vintara Elephant but there's no time left.

In the last turn there was a little confusion over the timing of the Belbe's Portal and Chimeric Idol but it was all due to language barriers. The sad thing was that it ruined the great friendly atmosphere.

Game Two

This time everyone got the mana to start with. Paco played a Ridgeline Rager and Antoine risked playing a Blastoderm while on Daze Range and he pulled it off. Paco didn't slow down and droped a Laccolith Warrior followed by a Flowstone Crusher after the usual Gush mana tricks. As the army grows both in number and size Antoine has to make a tough decision and drops a Pit Raptor to give the fading Blastoderm a little help.

Paco still doesn't show the slightest sign of ever slowing down and plays a Shock Troops. That sends Antoine into a five minute thinking spree to try to find a hole in the huge barrier of creatures on the other side and that Raptor isn't helping at all since his mana is locked leaving him with only two forests. He finally decides to send the Raptor in and it seems like he might have a trick up his sleeve.

Paco sends the Laccolith in again setting up for the kill next turn and drops a Stormwatch Eagle. Antoine is still fighting for an answer and drops a Drummer to help out. Paco does the math, sends the Eagle, the Rager, Crusher, Warrior and Troops in. It looked like there was no way out for Antoine. He blocks the Warrior with the Drummer and the Crusher with the Raptor. Paco moves the damage to the Raptor which Antoine saved with a Wild Might but the Rager gets pumped up and the Troops deal damage and then get sacrificed to get those last ten life points.

As the pressure of the game ended, both players engaged in a friendly chat discussing both the games they played and the draft as a whole.

Antoine Ruel 0
Paco Llopis 2

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