Round 10 Feature Match: Antoine Ruel vs. Wolfgang Eder

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By Friedrich Rademacher

Game 1

The game did not start very well for Antoine, since he had only one land in hand and had to mulligan. The Frenchman started pounding at Eder with a Rage Weaver enchanted with Maniacal Rage. All that rage had to be stopped by the German and maybe he found a way by casting a Silver Drake. He had an enormous next turn as he played two Samite Pilgrim, one of which is targeted by Scorching Lava. Antoine was not impressed by that fantastic turn and cast Sinister Strength on his weaver and attacked for seven. Wolfgang on the other hand had some more surprises. He taped six mana and played Dromar, the Banisher. He attacked, used the dragon's ability and named red, only returning a Maniacal Rage... until a judge stepped in and reminded the players that the dragon's ability only covered creatures. Everybody seems to be forgetting the second ability of Sinister Strength today. Undisturbed by that, the German attacked again with his two flyers, thereby killing Antoine. This game was indeed very close as Ruel repeatedly said. All he needed was something that could remove Wolfgang's only blocker, so that Antoine's creature could do the remaining damage.

Game 2

Wolfgang probably had magical fingers as he drew the dragon legend once again. Ruel, not knowing this, played once again very fast, by casting creatures and attacking promptly with them. The first attack brought Wolfgang down to 15. The German played his removal, attempting to stop the creatures. Ruel had his hand filled with removal spells like Terminate and Magma Burst. All he did was clean the way each turn to hit his opponent for further four damage. After having declared attackers, Antoine decided to cast Magma Burst with kicker having a creature and his opponent as targets, thereby winning the game.

Wolfgang's problem this game was that he couldn't resist to so much removal from the Frenchman's side

Game 3

As usual, Antoine cast early creatures and clears the way for his Shivan Zombie enchanted by a Maniacal Rage. The Frenchman seemed unstoppable as he cast as much creatures as he could. That was apparently too much for the German, who didn't find any answers for the massive creature horde. The only thing he could have done to stop them, would have been removal since Antoine's hand featured a Terminate, Magma Burst and a Singe that would have probably taken out anything Wolfgang could play.

After the match the Frenchman told me that it had been his only lost game in the entire weekend, making me remember Grand Prix Porto where he swept everything away, including his brother. It seemed that the little bear that he has with him is bringing him good luck.

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