Round 10 Feature Match: Bram Snepvangers (Netherlands) vs. Robert Dougherty (United States)

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

by Kai Budde

Bram is one of the top dutch players who has 2 GP top 8s to his credit - Amsterdam 99 and Cannes 00. Rob is a member of the famous Your Move Games-Team and won the team Pro Tour in Washington with his teammates Darwin Kastle and Dave Humpheries. He also made top 8 at PT-NY 99. Bram went into this round with a 6-3 record while Rob was at 7-1-1.

Both players were using 3-colored-decks and so they preferred to draw first - at least in this match-up of 2 multi-colored decks. Bram won the toss and so Rob had to play. After Rob zapped Brams Quirion Elf, the dutchman was a little mana-short and had problems to deal with 2 Phyrexian Reavers. He dropped down to 2 before all creatures on the board were gone. Rob proceeded to draw into a Pouncing Kavu and won the first game.

Snepvangers 0 - Dougherty 1

Bram decided to draw again and had to mulligan. Rob decided to go for it and dropped turn 1 Faerie Squadron without kicker. Unfortunately the gamble did not pay off as Bram dropped turn 2 Utopia Tree and got a great curve. When he dropped an Obsidian Acolyte turn 6, Rob was forced to scoop up his cards.

Snepvangers 1 - Dougherty 1

Rob decided to draw as well as Bram`s deck was kinda slow in the first two duels. In this game Bram got off to a quite fast start with turn 2 Nomadic Elf, turn 3 Pincer Spider, turn 4 Master Decoy and turn 5 Voracious Cobra while all that Rob could muster was a turn 3 Vicious Kavu and a turn 5 Soul Bourn. On his 7th turn Bram attacked and used an Explosive Growth on his Nomadic Elf to deal the last 5 points of damage and took game 3 and the match.

Snepvangers 2 - Dougherty 1

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