Round 10 Feature Match: Brian Kibler (USA) vs. John Ormerod (UK)

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Adrian Sullivan

Brian Kibler's deck was a solid Green/White/Blue deck with a large amount of utility creatures for 2 mana, such as Benalish Trappers, Crimson and Obsidian Acolytes, and Yavimaya Knight. Ormerod has an excellent Black/Red control deck packed full of removal of all kinds. Kibler's Acolytes and Knight would be very dangerous for John.

Game 1

John wins the flip and brings out some land. As Kibler develops his table with Nomadic Elf and Benalish Trapper, John used two of his burn to deal with them. Kibler brought out a Razorfoot Griffin to bring in some offense, but John had yet another removal with Shivan Emissary. John's hand was still excellent, with multiple Plague Spores.

Then things turned sour.

Kibler dropped his Crimson Acolyte. And on the next turn, he brought out the Obsidian Acolyte. Two turns later, a Llanowar Knight joined the table.

John's Plague Spores looked somewhat silly in his hand, and he started sucking up some damage from Kibler's creatures. Kibler only had two Plains, but his Collective Restraint still added insult to injury. John used his 2 Plague Spores as overcosted Stone Rains, while Kibler's Acolyte's protected the creatures. John did, however, deprive Kibler of all white sources. Kibler continued to attack on the ground.

John started to rally back, using a Shivan Emissary to kill one acolyte and an Agonizing Demise to kill the other. It didn't matter too much though. Despite recovering a bit of life with a Soul Burn for 4 on a freshly summoned Serpentine Kavu, Ormerod couldn't come back from Kibler's Angel of Mercy and Molimo, Maro Sorcerer.

Kibler sides in a Plains, while Ormerod brings in a Hypnotic Cloud and a Firescreamer.

Game 2

John started off slow with a few Mountains, but failed to lay a fourth land or a Swamp. In the meantime, Kibler started an offense with Nomadic Elf, Quirion Elf, and Glimmering Angel before Ormerod lays his fourth land, a Swamp to bring out his first spell: Cinder Shade.

The Nomadic Elf and Angel come in and the Cinder Shade trades with the Nomadic Elf. Kibler continues with his offensive dropping first a Serpentine Kavu and then an Obsidian Acolyte, effectively holding off almost half of John's removal in hand. John tried to bring forth some kind of offensive with a Duskwalker, and then on the next turn, a Hate Weaver, Shivan Zombie and Halam Djinn, but it was too late. The early damage was too much, and Kibler was able to sail through for the kill with Obsidian skipping enough creatures past John's black creatures.

Final Result: Kibler 2 - Ormerod 0

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