Round 10 Feature Match: Gary Wise (Canada) vs. Kai Budde (Germany)

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Ben Ronaldson

Both players were on 7-1-1 going into this round, and they both knew that Gary was the heavy favorite. Kai's deck has some bombs but, unusually for a red/black, there were not the usual quality of 3cc creatures in the boosters, despite his not being adjacent to any red or black players.

Game 1

Gary won the die roll and elected to play first, knowing that he did not want to give the red/black deck a fast start. His turn two Vodalian Zombie was Tribal Flamesed, then his Metathran Transport was matched by a Kavu Aggressor. The Kavu was held off by a Recoil for a turn (Kai discarded a Battleflies), but then it was replayed and followed by a Duskwalker.

Gary sat there with a hand full of land and an uncastable Duskwalker (assuming he wanted to play the kicker) and things got worse when Kai cast Plague Spores on his only creature and only Swamp. The only thing Wise found before his quick death was a Dream Thrush.

Kai 1 - Gary 0

Gary sided in a Mourning and a fourth Shoreline Raider, taking out his Transport and a Hypnotic Cloud; Kai didn't change his deck.

Game 2

Gary again elected to play first, and neither one of them missed a land drop for the first 11 turns. This was, however, a very slow game as by Kai's fourth turn all he had done was cast an Urborg Phantom (which had been Recoiled) then recast it. Gary then did the most obscene things: Probe with kicker turn five, Probe with kicker turn six, Crosis turn seven, Tek turn eight! A turn later Kai sweeps.

Kai 1 - Gary 1

Gary took out a Shoreline Raider for a Phyrexian Battleflies; Kai decided to add some islands to his deck for Repulse and Disrupt.

Game 3

Kai went first, but didn't even make a turn three play, so Gary hit him with his turn two Vodalian Zombie and recoiled the German's Mountain - leaving him with only two swamps. (Kai discarded a Swamp). Kai played a Rogue Kavu from the top of his deck, but yet again his relaid mountain got Recoiled and the Zombie came in. (Kai discarded a Rith's Attendant).

Just like the game before, Gary then completely gains control as he lay: Duskwalker, Tek, and Crosis. Kai could only trade Duskwalkers to stop the onslaught and graciously conceded in his next turn.

Final Result: Gary Wise wins 2-1

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