Round 10 Feature Match: Kai Budde vs. Ryan Fuller

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Jamie Lynn

Kai Budde played his own Wildfire 1999 World Championship deck, starting each game with six cards and 20 life. Ryan Fuller was playing fellow Canadian Paul McCabe's Necropotence deck with six cards and 15 life. Ryan was gunning for either of the two Necropotence decks during the auction. He's been playing Necro decks for years and was by far the most comfortable with it. Kai's deck is the favorite in this match-up for a number of reasons. To start off with, who is better to play Kai Budde's deck other than the man himself? The other is a mana issue. McCabe's deck is light on land and consequently Kai's 4 Wildfires are really good.

Game 1

Budde started off fast with Grim Monolith, followed up by Thran Dynamo and Karn Silver Golem. These three turned into a wicked combination as Kai killed Ryan on turn six. Budde used the Karn Silver Golem to turn Fuller's Zuran Orb into a 0/0 creature and his own Thran Dynamo into a 4/4 creature. He then attacked with both. Ryan blocked the Karn Silver Golem with Hypnotic Specter and took four. Budde Cursed Scrolled the Hypnotic Specter. Fuller's only way out was Nevinyrral's Disk, and he died before having the mana to play it.

Game 2

Ryan decided to draw and Kai opened up with a Cursed Scroll. Ryan played a Hypnotic Specter and attacked turn two for the only damage he would be able to get in. After he emptied Kai's hand, Kai was killed the Specter with Cursed Scroll and laid Masticore. Ryan didn't draw his third land and conceded as Masticore attacked for four a turn. With his life starting at 15, Ryan couldn't sustain the Masticore beats for long.

2-0 Kai Budde

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