Round 10 Feature Match: Olivier Ruel vs. Ryan Fuller

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By Wizards of the Coast

Game One

Olivier Ruel won the toss and opted to go second, but he did get to choose the seat facing the clock. Both players kept their opening hands, although Ryan didn't start with a Swamp in hand. He did draw one immediately, but the first creatures came from Olivier with a turn one Stormscape Apprentice and a turn two Thornscape Familiar. Ryan could hold these off with his 1/3 Metathran Transport, which he played on turn three.

Ruel then played a Sunscape Familiar and a Primal Growth, prompting Ryan to ask whether Olivier had Treva in his hand yet - "If you have Treva, I'm a dead man." Olivier didn't have Treva, but he did have Sabertooth Nishoba, and a Silver Drake. Things were looking pretty bad for Ryan as he still had just the Metathran Transport, all he had done was Exotic Curse the Stormscape Apprentice. Ryan took a long think to decide what to do about his horrible-looking position, he did have a Wash Out, but he couldn't return everything to Olivier's hand, he would have to at least leave him with the Thornscape Familiar which would allow him to recast them all.

What Ryan did do was cast Sinister Strength on his Transport, hoping to at least hold off the Silver Drake and the Familiar, but Ruel attacked with everything and cast Gerrard's Command when Ryan blocked. This attack put Fuller down to ten, he drew a card and then conceded. He could have survived a turn with the Wash Out in his hand, but probably preferred to not show it to his opponent, since it wouldn't have helped him survive for more than a single go.

Game Two

Ryan started off in the second game as well, again with a hand containing only two Islands and no Swamps. Olivier looked unhappy about his opening draw, playing another turn one Stormscape Apprentice. Ryan in fact missed his second land drop, and Olivier seemed please with his second turn draw, slamming a Forest on the table and playing a Thornscape Apprentice.

The two Apprentices, along with a turn three Pincer Spider, reduced Ryan to 13 before he found a Sulfur Vent and cast his Metathran Transport. Next turn Ruel cast Primal Growth with kicker, sacrificing his Thornscape Apprentice, and Ryan said "This can't be good". Olivier couldn't cast whatever he had fetched the lands for right away though, but he did cast a Silver Drake instead.

The Drake attacked, bringing Ryan to 10, and Olivier showed why he had sacrificed a creature by casting Treva, the Renewer. "I love that guy," Ryan said. "So do I," replied Olivier. Ryan amused the spectators by casting a Sea Snidd, a much maligned card, and chump-blocking Treva with the Aerostat. He had to concede the next turn though, as he couldn't deal with nine power worth of flyers with a Snidd.

Final Result: Olivier Ruel defeats Ryan Fuller 2 - 0

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