Round 10 Feature Match: Raphael Levy vs. Kamiel Cornelissen

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By David Price

This round paired Pro Tour veteran Raphael Levy from France against one of Magic's rising stars, Kamiel Cornelissen from the Netherlands. Both players, with 6-3 records, where fighting to stay in the running for Top 8. The winner could conceivably continue to win and reach that ultimate goal, the loser would likely have to settle for Top 16 or worse. The two players brought with them two of the most popular and successful decks of the tournament, Levy with Black/Red and Cornelissen with Red/Green beats. Traditionally, Black/Red seemed to have the edge in this matchup, but with Cornelissen's skills and his hot streak still intact, it was anyone's game.

Game 1

Raphael Levy won the die roll and chose to play first. Levy took the initiative with a second turn Nightscape Familiar, which was promptly Ghitu Fired by Cornelissen on the following turn. Levy then followed that up with a third land on the third turn, but he failed to draw another land and was forced to tap out to cast another Nightscape Familiar on the fourth turn. This, too, was destroyed by Kamiel's burn and Kamiel then made an aggressive play by casting and attacking with a Raging Kavu. Over the next few turns, failing to find his fourth land, Levy was forced to play a number of blockers like Shivan Zombie and a third Nightscape Familiar in an attempt to stop Kamiel's growing horde of attackers. This blockers didn't stick around for long, however, and Levy found his fourth land too late, dying to Kamiel's onslaught of creatures with the help of a Keldon Necropolis.

Game 2

Levy chose to play first again in the second game, hoping to fare a bit better than the first. Raphael started off aggressively with a second turn Shivan Zombie, attacking and removing Kamiel's blockers, a Thornscape Familiar and Raging Kavu with an Urza's Rage and a Flametongue Kavu. Kamiel was eventually able to stabilize with two Blurred Mongooses, untargetable creatures that could trade with both the Zombie and the Kavu. Unfortunately for Kamiel, this stalemate favored his opponent as Raphael soon drew a Pyre Zombie, a creature with he could repeatedly use to damage the Kamiel and his creatures. Kamiel was unable to mount a serious offensive in time and eventually succumbed to Raphael's Pyre Zombie recursion.

Game 3

Kamiel chose to play first this game, although he was forced to mulligan because his first hand of seven cards was subpar. Even so, he managed to find a reasonable six card hand and tried to put the pressure on his opponent with a second and third turn Blurred Mongoose. Raphael had the perfect answer, however, with a Ravenous Rat on turn two. This put the brakes on Kamiel's attacking until he was able to remove the rat blocker with a Flametongue Kavu, bringing the Mongooses in for first blood. Things rapidly fell apart for Raphael Levy as he failed to find any answers to the Mongooses, only having a Skizzik without kicker on the fourth turn and a Crypt Angel on the fifth turn, which failed to stay on the board for long. Soon enough, Kamiel finished Levy off, once again with the help of his trusty Keldon Necropolis, throwing a Thornscape Familiar at Levy's head.

Final Result: Kamiel Cornelissen defeats Raphael Levy, 2-1

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