Round 10 Feature Match: This Vore Goes up to Eleven!

Posted in Event Coverage on July 30, 2006

By Tom Reeve

Coming into Round 10, both Stuart and Dan are sitting comfortably on 7-2 records. Stu is playing the Magnivore deck he's championed for what seems like an age, Dan is hoping to get the jump with a Zoo deck packed with efficient weenies and burn.

Stu won the die roll, and kicked things off with a tapped Steam Vents. Dan had the turn one Kird Ape, but sadly had to take pay 2 life to cast it without even getting a Forest for his trouble, with Sacred Foundry coming down to pay for the monkey. This gave Stu a moment's pause, before he dropped an Island and played Pyroclasm, taking out the 1/1 Ape before Dan could play a Forest. Dan untapped for turn 2, then laid an untapped Temple Garden.

Stu, seemingly oblivious to the potential for horrible punning, responds with "It's nice when you're right!"


The Garden and Foundry paid for a Watchwolf, which was promptly sent back to hand by Eye of Nowhere, Stu also laying Minamo. Stomping Grounds got played untapped, the Watchwolf replayed, along with another Kird Ape, and all Stu could do was Demolish a land, before scooping it up after seeing nothing but more uncastable spells without a fifth land.

After boarding, the outlook for Vore improves dramatically, although not necessarily as far as 'favourable'. Stu boarded out too-slow Demolish/Stone Rain package and irrelevant Boseiju in favour of Steamcore Weird, Repeal, Volcanic Hammer, Threads of Disloyalty and, with a shrug and an "I suppose it's better than nothing", a single copy of Remand.
On the play, Stu kept a hand of Shivan Reef, Island, Volcanic Hammer, Mana Leak, Threads of Disloyalty, Compulsive Research and Magnivore. Dan kept, and Stu played the Island. Dan drops a Battlefield Forge and a Seal of Fire, followed by an untapped Steam Vents from Stu, who then passed the turn over. Watchwolf from Dan ran into Mana Leak, and Stu passes with no third land. What he did have, however, is another Mana Leak, which stopped a Paladin en-Vec from Dan, who racked up even more pain from a Brushland in the process. Stu drew, laid a Steam Vents untapped, and passed the turn across, surprised when Dan had nothing to reply with but a tapped Sacred Foundry. He took the opportunity to tap low for a Compulsive Research, drawing into three more land and discarding an Island before laying another tapped Steam Vents. Dan finally had a Jitte to go with his empty board, and both players began play land-go for a few turns.

The silence was broken by a Watchwolf, promptly equipped with the Jitte. Threads of Disloyalty on the Watchwolf makes this game look even worse for Dan, although his flood at least deterred Stuart from actually casting Wildfire.
"Ohhhh no… Well, at least he's gaining me life at the moment." remarked an ambivalent Dan, in reference to the Jitte being clutched by his disloyal wolf.

After yet another pass from Dan, Stu bounced the Jitte with Eye of Nowhere and attacked for three.

"I think I'm going to just about scrape through this game." quipped an ever-dry Wright, clearly out in front.

After combat, a Volcanic Hammer to Dan's dome was a very bad omen, and he was forced to stem the Wolf bleeding with a Hammer on his own Watchwolf before recasting the Jitte. The game descended even further into bizarre-world next turn, as Stu dropped Steamcore Weird, sending the two points of burn straight at Dan. The Weird met another Hammer, but double Magnivore next turn from Stu is enough to finish it.

Game 3

On the draw, Stuart kept an opening hand of Steam Vents, 2 Shivan Reef, Sleight of Hand, Compulsive Research, Eye of Nowhere and Wildfire.

Dan once again had the Battlefield Forge into Kird Ape start, although on the play he still had the opportunity to at least play a Forest before Stu could Pyroclasm. Stu dropped the Vents untapped, playing Sleight of Hand to filter a little deeper into his deck.

Unfortunately for Dan, Forests were in short supply, and he could only muster another Forge, although at least he didn't have to take any pain to cast his Jitte. Stu's second turn play was Oboro, and Dan's tapped Temple Garden on turn 3 comes back to haunt him as he equipped Kird Ape and swung, only to have the Ape bounced with Repeal. Stu drew a card for Repeal, then untapped into Compulsive Research, discarding a Shivan Reef, then another at the end of turn to get back down to 7 cards.

Dan replayed the Ape on his own turn, playing a Seal of Fire and equipping the Jitte to use up the last of his mana. Stu had another Sleight of Hand, then hit the Ape with a hammer of the Volcanic variety. Kami of Ancient Law was the next of Dan's creatures to try the seemingly cursed Jitte on for size, followed by another Seal.

Stu didn't have another Hammer, and after checking his graveyard on drawing a Magnivore, he decided he needed yet more cards and fired off a Compulsive Research, discarding Eye of Nowhere and Wildfire. He laid a Shivan Reef, before a second Eye of Nowhere on the Kami of Ancient Law.

Mana Leak

Dan rebuilt yet again with the Kami and Isamaru, Hound of Konda, equipping the Hound, which was promptly shot down by Steamcore Weird. The Weird is answered with a Volcanic Hammer, and the Koala gears up and attacks, finally putting two counters on Umezawa's Jitte.

Now Stuart had to think. His hand has a pair of Wildfires, a pair of Mana Leaks and a Magnivore, but he settled on an Eye of Nowhere for the Kami, Mana Leaking it on the way back down to tap Dan out and prevent him equipping as the right play.

A Pyroclasm took the Kami down, then in Dan's turn a Paladin en-Vec was met by one of the Mana Leaks.

Sensing that Dan was finally out of gas, and his win condition safe from burn, Stuart dropped a Magnivore and smashed across for 11, the hit taking Dan down to only three life thanks to all the pain from his land. Dan has a Paladin, equipping up, but Stu flashes the Repeal. Stuart Wright advances to 8-2 with two rounds of Standard to go.

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