Round 10 Feature Match: William Jensen vs. Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

by Worth Wollpert

Blink and you'd have missed it. The entire match between these two Pro Tour juggernauts only lasted a total of about fifteen minutes. William Jensen, otherwise affectionately known as 'BabyHuey', is fresh off a huge Masters series win in New York City, where he pocketed a cool $25,000. Steve OMS is a previous Pro Tour winner and regular in the Masters series as well. These guys are good friends, both playing Magic primarily in the Northeast in and around the Boston area (Steve is attending Boston University and Huey is going to WPI), and there was plenty of trashtalking going on throughout the match. Steve was playing a Hatred variant, and Huey had his latest favorite, a Tradewind/Survival deck that he piloted to great success in the Masters event.

Steve won the toss amidst the jibes, and elected to play first of course. Steve started out strong, the way the deck is supposed to, with a turn one 2/2 zombie. Huey answered only with an Island. On turn two, Steve cast a Duress after attacking with his zombie, which found no targets in Huey's creature laden hand. Steve followed that with an alternate cast Unmask, which took Huey's potential blocker in Wall of Roots and said done. Huey laid a Tropical Island next turn and never got another one. Steve untapped, played a Lake of the Dead, allowing him access to five mana, and attacked. Huey laughed as he knew what was coming, and sure enough Hatred for 16 finished Huey off before he got his third turn.

Game two was a bit more interesting, as Huey got to go first but was forced to mulligan. Sticking with a hand that included a Savannah as its only source of mana, Huey didn't find another land until turn five, meanwhile Steve was playing zombies and shadows Duressing and Unmasking and such. So Huey lost right? No, he won. Holy Pikula! Huey's hand, which didn't contain land, did contain three Force of Wills. Steve Duressed two of them, and saw Huey's hand (which contained one Force of Will but no other blue cards) before going for the Hatred kill on turn four. Huey did come up with the blue card, and Steve dropped 15 points of life on the failed Hatred. Huey finally started to find land and cast a Tradewind Rider, and after a Spike Feeder traded for Steve's Sarcomancy, the clock was running. Steve couldn't find an answer and the Tradewind Rider, combined with the zombie enchantment damage, finished him off soon after.

Steve got to go first in game three, and made the most of it. Steve started the action with a first turn Unmask, nabbing a Survival of the Fittest, and dropped a zombie. Jensen simply laid an Island and said done. Steve followed the zombie with a Dauthi Horror on turn two, and Jensen Brainstormed for an answer, but didn't find one and the Horror resolved. Huey untapped and had a nice second turn, Wall of Roots and Quirion Ranger. Steve had all the answers this game though, as he dropped a Lake of the Dead and cast Perish, killing both Huey's creatures and ruining his mana supply. Huey answered with a Survival, but he was stuck on two lands, and after Steve dropped yet another shadow creature on turn 4, Huey was in big trouble. Huey found a Wall of Roots with his Survival, but Steve had the Hatred and hated Huey out the very next turn for the win.

Final Result: Steve OMS defeats William 'BabyHuey' Jensen (2-1-0)

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