Round 10: Florent Jeudon vs. Xavier Petit

Posted in Event Coverage on March 24, 2002

By Rui Oliveira

I guess every country has its own quirks when it comes to playing Magic. French players, besides having a language I can actually understand, can spend the whole round trading jokes. Add to that a couple of French judges cheerleading and you got a great match to watch.

Game 1

Jeudon gave Petit the rundown of the Red Zone and they argued about who would go 2-1 and who would go 3-0 on this first draft. Jeudon took two mulligans and while the first one got a few jokes the second one was more serious, no one likes to see a player get lucked out of a game.

Petit made sure, from the start, we were in for a long game: second turn Angelic Wall and Militant Monk. Florent's Dusk Imp looked quite small compared to it but a Reckless Charge made it menacing enough for Xavier to throw the Wall into the Red Zone.

Petit played Aven Fisher and used a Churning Eddy to get the Imp out of the way and attacked. The Imp came back. Xavier Repelled and brought Florent down to ten. Again, the confused Dusk Imp came into play.

A lone attack from the Fisher brought Florent down to eight. Petit played Aven Archer before Jeudon used Volcanic Spray to get rid of the Monk. He was now trade his Imp for any of the opposing flyers.

To two turns later, with the help of a Mystic Zealot, Xavier Petit put an end to the first game. Jeudon's double mulligan was too much to overcome.

Xavier 1-0 Florent

Game 2

This time Florent had game: a turn two Barbarian Outcast followed by a Dusk Imp. Petit found a blocker in the elusive shape of Skywing Aven. The Aven killed the Imp and came back to face a Dirty Wererat.

Xavier: "One day I'll draw Plains and you will see."

He was indeed locked with only blue mana and Peeked looking for help. He saw Wast Away, Egg, another Wererat and Chainflinger. Jeudon obviously played the Chainflinger forcing Petit to find another blocker.

Indeed Petit had another blocker: Treetop Sentinel. He played it and Florent shot down the Aven. Things looked very grim for Xavier Petit.

Xavier (playing a Thought Devourer): "If I can't find a Plains I'll play without it."

Waste Away took care of that and another mad swing brought Petit down to six. That was the bad news. The good news was he had finally found Plains.

Xavier: "Maybe I can still play a bit."

He thought long and hard before letting Jeudon have the turn. Florent decided to sit back and Chainfling the rest of the match instead of attacking. His plan, however, vanished when Petit Repelled the creature.

A Mystic Zealot showed up although sadly only to become the perfect target for a Execute. Jeudon untapped, attacked with everything and discarded enough cards to reach Threshold thus making his Wererat large enough to finish the game.

Xavier 1-1 Florent

Game 3

This time Jeudon didn't have the same start: Crypt Creeper and Pyromancy were too small to handle Treetop Sentinel. After some deliberation he decided to play a fourth turn Chainflinger over Dirty Wererat.

Petit's plan revolved around his flying trio: Sentinel, Aven Archer and Fisher. The later was quickly shot down as both players tried to attack with everything. In another effort to slow down Jeudon A Dreamwinder came into play providing a large enough body to hold back the small red-black attackers.

Feeling confident about the flow of the game Petit used a Churning Eddy and attacked with everyone. Jeudon used the Chainflinger and Afflict to take down Aven Archer and threw the Creeper in front of the Dreamwinder.

The Chainflinger retaliated and Jeudon's hand size (six) scared Petit enough to keep his Dreamwinder back. The Sentinel flew in and after a long minute to figure out the math Florent Wasted Away.

Turning the tables he the played a Dirty Wererat, one card away from Threshold. He had his opponent at ten with a Wererat and a Chainflinger about to reach Threshold. Desperate for solutions Petit was forced to play a Hallowed Healer (to buy a turn of Chainflinger damage).

The Healer got the unwanted pleasure of chumping the Wererat before Florent played a second Wererat! Things were indeed very grim for Xavier Petit.

Xavier: "As a response, I'll start eating my croissant."

Jeudon sent both Wererats in.

Xavier: "So if I don't block one of the Wererat I'm dead."
Florent: "If you don't block one you might take a bit more than four damage."

Facing a world of damage on the next turn Petit dropped a Aven Cloudchaser to blow the Pyromancy. Xavier tried to convince Florent not to attack on the next three turns as time as called.

After jokingly trying to set up a situation where Xavier could possible not lose the game they gave up. Petit revealed his hand: he had drawn twelve lands in eighteen cards during this final game.

Final Result: Florent 2-1 Xavier.

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