Round 10: Gary Krakower vs. Gary Wise

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By Toby Wachter

Gary Krakower has won this tournament twice, and was a finalist once as well. Needless to say, this gives him plenty of experience as a member of Team Canada at Worlds. On the other hand, Gary Wise has never been a member of the Canadian team. This is an accomplishment Wise surely would like to achieve, and he's hoping that his Counter Rebel deck will get him there. Krakower is playing a blue/black/white permission deck with Vindicate, and is using Desolation Angel as a kill card.

Game 1

Krakower went first, and Wise played a Meddling Mage on turn two. It resolved, and named Wrath of God. The Mage went into beatdown mode on the following turn, and Wise followed up by summoning Defiant Vanguard, which was countered with Absorb. The Mage continued to attack for the next few turns, and Wise played a Ramosian Lieutenant, which resolved only to be targeted with Dromar's Charm. However, Wise was ready with Absorb, which allowed the searcher to stay out. Krakower then untapped, and killed off the Lieutenant with Vindicate.

After a few more attacks from the Mage, Krakower played Fact or Fiction on end step. The piles presented were Millstone/Island, Counterspell and Dromar's Charm/Last Breath, and Krakower took Last Breath. He used it during his turn to target the Mage, and Wise responded with Reverent Mantra. Dromar's Charm was added to the stack to counter the Mantra, which resolved. This caused Meddling Mage to head towards the graveyard. A Ramosian Sergeant showed up a few turns later, which resulted in a lengthy counterwar. Krakower tapped some lands, and realized he did not have the right mana available, or perhaps he did not want to use a counterspell. An argument resulted, and a judge was called over. The result was that Krakower had two floating, and took mana burn.

The Ramosian Sergeant did resolve, but it left Wise tapped out. This was the opening Krakower needed, as he played Desolation Angel with kicker, which was soon racing against the Sergeant. Defiant Vanguard showed up a few turns later, and Krakower had taken too much damage to successfully outrace Wise, which meant he had to leave the Angel back to block. Regardless, Wise had Reverent Mantra, which allowed his creatures to attack past the Angel, giving him the first game.

Krakower- 0 Wise- 1

Game 2

Krakower started off with a Spectral Lynx on turn two, while Wise summoned Meddling Mage, naming Dromar's Charm. The Lynx then attacked for two, and Wise attacked back with Meddling Mage. Defiant Falcon also joined Wise's side, but was handled with Last Breath. Krakower now left his Spectral Lynx back on defense, and Wise played a Ramosian Sergeant. During Wise's end step, Krakower played a Fact or Fiction, which was Counterspelled. Krakower then took his turn, and used Vindicate to kill off the Sergeant.

This didn't do too much damage to Wise, as he answered back with Ramosian Sky Marshal. However, this gave Krakower the opening he needed. Tsabo's Decree was cast naming Rebels, which eliminated the Marshal, and Wise revealed a hand containing Absorb and a land. Krakower played Dust Bowl a few turns later, and eliminated Wise's two non-basic lands. A Sergeant followed, and Krakower built up his defense with a second Spectral Lynx, which allowed the first to attack.

At this point, things didn't look particularly good for Krakower. He had two cards in hand, and the Sergeant got to work searching out a Falcon. Both Lynxes attacked for four damage, and a third was played, but countered with Memory Lapse. Lin Sivvi hit play on Wise's turn in response to a Dust Bowl activation. Aside from Tsabo's Decree, there was very little Krakower could do to get out of this situation, as Lin Sivvi went to work. Plus, Krakower only had one card in hand, so his options were obviously limited. As the Rebel team increased in size, Krakower's life total decreased. Rout was attempted as an instant, but Wise had a Counterspell to stop it. This left Krakower tapped out, and Global Ruin resolved, and was followed up by Reverent Mantra to end the game.

Final Result: Krakower- 0 Wise- 2

Gary Krakower

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Creature (2)
2 Desolation Angel
Sorcery (7)
3 Wrath of God 4 Vindicate
Artifact (6)
3 Millstone 3 Tsabo's Web
Other (1)
1 Mageta, the Lion
60 Cards

Gary Wise

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