Round 10: Jelger Wiegersma vs. Raphael Levy

Posted in Event Coverage on April 13, 2003

By Craig Jones

At the end of Day 1 only two players stood on top of the rankings with perfect records. Now, at the start of Day 2, they get to play each other for the chance to open up a lead over the rest of the field. Both Jelger Wiegersma of the Netherlands and Raphael Levy are experienced pros.

Levy has a very fast black-green deck with multiple Wretched Anurid but little in the way of tricks and removal. Wiegersma has a solid blue-red deck with two Skills and a Butcher Orgg.

Game 1

Wiegersma went first but it was Levy who started the more aggressively with one of his three Wretched Anurid on turn two. Both players dropped morphs and a facedown Echo Tracer traded with a Cloudscraper. Wiegersma was hurting as his deck had given him no islands.

Levy chose to try and capitalize by summoning a second Anurid only for Wiegersma to find his island on turn five and drop a Warped Researcher. The zombie frogs hopped in and Levy finished off the mutant wizard with a Crown of Suspicion.

A piece of bad luck befell Wiegersma as he went to Explode Levy's morph only to turn over the only 1 casting cost spell in the deck – an Imagecrafter. He had to drop a Lavamancer's Skill on his morph to finish off the facedown Spitting Gourna.

A third zombie frog hopped out of Levy's deck and Wiegersma found another high toughness monster – a Skittish Valesk – to handle the frogs. Levy had to send them in anyway and one was promptly squashed by the Valesk. Wiegersma was down to 5 life and Levy tried to keep up the pressure with another creature, flipping over a Vigilante to destroy the Lavamancer's Skill

Wiegersma lost the flip over the Valesk and it returned to it's facedown state. The Dutchman flipped it back over and crashed in to drop Levy to four.

Wiegersma's morph blocked Levy's Vigilante to leave the Dutchman at two. Crucially he lost the flip on the Valesk again. It meant the Essence Fracture to clear the way left Levy still alive at 1 life.

That 1 life proved precious as Levy was able to return two creatures to block the Valesk and then attack back with a Smokespew Invoker. In the end the game had hinged on a coin flip.

The game just wasn't meant for Wiegersma – a missed Explosion and two missed coin flips and he was one down.

Levy 1-0 Wiegersma

Game 2

One of Levy's zombie frogs hopped onto the board on turn two, but then it started to look bad as Wiegersma unmorphed an Entrancer and skilled it up to machine gun a facedown Towering Baloth.

There was a funny moment when Levy left himself open for the Entrancer to attack and steal the Anurid, but Wiegersma didn't bite.

A Gourna appeared and took down an Aven, only to be finished off by the Skilled Entrancer. Shapeshifter traded with the zombie frog and then Levy flopped an Enormous Baloth onto the table.

Wiegersma wasn't in any trouble. One of his morph's turned out to be a Biologist. A second Skill cleared the way for the Entrancer to steal the Baloth, and then an Echo Tracer cleared the way for the Baloth to finish Levy off.

Levy 1-1 Wiegersma

Game 3

Wiegersma found himself on the receiving end of a very fast draw as Levy charged in with Wretched Anurid, morph, morph. The Entrancer/Skill combo removed first one and then a second morph while Levy dropped a Ravenous Baloth to tighten the screw.

Wiegersma looked like he might stabilize. A Biologist appeared with a morph for company and then he followed that with a Skill on the Biologist and another morph.

Levy sent his forces into the red zone and lost a Ravenous Baloth and Spitting Gourna for a Valesk. The absence of tricks was starting to hurt the Frenchman and he was no in a lot of trouble. Soon he was left with no creatures and facing down double wizard-powered Skill.

The game didn't last much longer after that.

Final Result: Jelger Wiegersma 2-1 Raphael Levy

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