Round 10: Jeroen Remie vs Kamiel Cornelissen

Posted in Event Coverage on April 27, 2003

By Stan van der Velden

Being a pro doesn’t guarantee a good record at every tournament you go to. Kamiel and Jeroen both went 3-3 yesterday and sweeped their first draft to end up with a 6-3 record. They need at least 2-0-1 from this draft to advance to the single elimination rounds on Sunday, so the loser of this match is out. The draft was a weird one. With two Exalted Angels being opened and passed and a Silklash Spider going late Jeroen’s U/W deck looked to be in a lot of trouble but a Chromeshell Crab and an Akroma in Legions gave him some outs. Kamiel opened a Starstorm in the first seat and never looked back, drafting a nice U/R deck that could definitely give him the 3-0 record he needs.

Game 1

Before the match started the two players discussed the draft lamenting about the number of Sparksmiths and other bomb rares. Both their decks turned out fine though and, barring manascrew, this should be an interesting match.
Jeroen won the old-fashioned coin toss and decided to play first. Kamiel was first on the board with a Mistform Stalker that was outclassed by Jeroen’s third turn Harrier and fourth turn Dive Bomber. Jeroen started racing through the air against Kamiel’s morphs that were soon shut down by a very large Crude Rampart.
Kamiel attacked right into the Wall though causing Jeroen to pause and think. He decided to block the first morph and Kamiel just shrugged, put it in the graveyard and played a 2/2 Skirk Outrider. Kamiel’s plan was revealed the next turn when Jeroen blocked the other morph and Kamiel unmorphed Master of the Veil shrinking the Wall to a more manageable size and killing it in combat. He was still on a very fast clock though with the two Bird Soldiers racing through the air without opposition. A Keeneye Aven spelled doom for Kamiel, Jeroen’s three two power fliers against Kamiel’s Stalker and four life points. A Choking Tethers bought him a crucial turn though as Jeroen was on seven and Kamiel had nine power worth of creatures on the board. Jeroen’s Pacifism on the Outrider took the momentum right back as Kamiel was suddenly left with not much of a clock. Jeroen, sensing the win, swung with all his fliers the turn afterwards but Kamiel stopped him with a Stalker block and a Gempalm Incinerator. Jeroen realized he could’ve won that turn had he attacked with all his guys but he just shrugged and played another morph. When that morph turned out to be Mistform Seaswift Kamiel revealed his hand of non-Starstorms and game one went to Jeroen.

1-0 Jeroen

Game 2

Kamiel stumbled on lands again this game, getting stuck on three and only able to play some morphs. Jeroen went right up to five lands and a Future Sight to go with them. Meanwhile a Crude Rampart totally shut down Kamiel’s attack steps and Jeroen was looking poised to win this game. When Future Sight revealed Akroma on turn six the otherwise stoic Kamiel couldn’t help but pout a little at the prospect of facing the 6/6 Angel in two turns. Double Skirk Outrider with a Battering Craghorn for companion looked like they might make a real game out of this but the Future Sight didn’t fail to produce two more lands in the next two turns and Akroma hit play and dominated.

2-0 Jeroen

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