Round 10: Noppadol Srirattana vs. Osamu Fujita

Posted in Event Coverage on July 12, 2003

By Brian David-Marshall

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Noppadal came out of nowhere yesterday to storm to the top of the standings with an undefeated record with his Mirari's Wake deck. The young Thai player has only played Magic for about two years but his performance here belies his inexperience. His only other premier event experience has been the last two Thailand National Championships. He finished in the Top 8 two years ago but failed to deliver this year. He is making up for it with a vengeance—or should I say a Wrath of God? He lost his first round today but rebounded last round.

Goblin Piledriver
Osamu Fujita is not stranger to Nationals success. He recently finished in 2nd place at Japanese Nationals and the Panzer Hunter was looking to duplicate—or better--that performance this weekend. He was undefeated going into the previous round and was hoping to rebound from a resounding loss to his deck's designer Tsuyoshi Fujita.

Game 1

Skirk Prospector from the Japanese star was met with a foily Krosan Verge from the rookie. Warchief was 'ritualed' out on turn two and another foil Verge did not offer any promise of immediate help.

Osamu found a Swamp with a fetch land and then fetched a Piledriver with a Matron and attacked with everyone for eight—Noppadol plummeted to ten. Grimly, Noppadol played a Forest and hoped he was not dead next turn—he was. He shook his head at the Wrath of God that was too slow—he was dead on turn three.

Noppadol – 0 Fujita - 1

Game 2

The opening play was a Verge once again from the young player. Osamu had a Sledder—innocent enough, right? Once again the second play was also a Verge. Osamu attacked for one and played a scary Goblin Piledriver. He followed with a Warchief and prompted a Moment's Peace from the young Thai player.

Goblin Warchief
He took one from a Brushland and cleared the board with Wrath of God. Osamu started rebuilding with another Piledriver. Noppadal took a turn to cast deep Analysis and he was rewarded with an attack for one. Another Deep Analysis seemed prudent in the absence of pressure and Noppadal was sitting on six cards when he passed the turn back to the Japanese Nationals finalist.

Leaving only two mana up turned out to be imprudent when Prospector and a Mire powered up a Patriarch's Bidding returning a Warchief, two Piledrivers, a Sledder and two Prospectors—that was the game with two 9/2 Piledrivers attacking with haste while a stunned Noppadol looked at the Moment's Peace sitting in his bin.

Final Result: Noppadol – 0 Fujita – 2

While Noppadol's shot at the Top 8 was slowly eroding he was still the leading player in the race for the Amateur prize which could earn the young Thai player as much as $1,500!

Fujita Osamu

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Noppadol Srirattana

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