Round 10: Peter Szigeti vs. Dirk Baberowski

Posted in Event Coverage on May 4, 2002

By Toby Wachter

Game 1

Skeletal Scrying
Szigeti started off with Crypt Creeper, while Baberowski played his first creature in a fourth turn Aven Cloudchaser, which blocked and traded with the Creeper. Petravark took out Baberowski's only plains, and a Peek revealed Skeletal Scrying, Faceless Butcher, and two Cripping Fatigues in Szigeti's hand. The German could only respond with "That's pretty impressive". Baberowski brought out an Aven Windreader which was taken out by the Butcher, and Hydromorph Gull died to Crippling Fatigue. Monsters were falling out of the sky left and right, while Szigeti's creatures kept attacking for damage. Baberowski summoned Dreamwinder, and Szigeti played Chainflinger. Breakthrough got Baberowski ahead a few cards, but Szigeti definitely had the edge on tempo. Chainflinger shot the Dreamwinder, Fatigue finished the job, and another four points of damage came through. Baberowski came back with some blockers, but Szigeti played Caustic Tar, commenting, "It's a blue/white nightmare." Baberowski conceded soon after. The game lasted about six minutes total.

Szigeti- 1 Baberowski- 0

Game 2

Caustic Tar
Baberowski mulliganed his opening hand, proclaiming that it was the fifth one today. Peek revealed Caustic Tar, Dusk Imp, Sonic Seizure, and Petravark. Baberowski said, "That's more like a hand I'd rather see" but Szigeti noted "It's still not bad." The Dusk Imp came into play turn three, and Baberowski brought out Hydromorph Guardian. Petravark took out one of Baberowski's lands, and an Aven Smokeweaver would have been a problem if not for Szigeti using Crippling Fatigue twice to kill it. Hydromorph Gull was summoned but died to Thermal Blast, and Petravark traded with the Guardian, leaving Dusk Imp as the only creature on the table. Baberowski then played Compulsion.

Szigeti now went for it, playing Caustic Tar. Baberowski would need to cycle into an answer to the enchantment, or die trying. He played Aven Windreader to stop the Dusk Imp, but it died to Sonic Seizure. Meanwhile, Szigeti added more pressure with a second Dusk Imp. Baberowski had an Angelic Wall, but Szigeti simply added insult to injury with a Butcher, and took the game.

Final Result: Szigeti- 2 Baberowski- 0

Pro Tour Nice, Third Booster Draft

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Pro Tour Nice, Third Booster Draft

Download Arena Decklist

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