Round 10 Results (By Player)

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

Player Opponent Result
Armbruster, Chris Currence, Bryce Won 2-1
Benafel, Chris Harding, Phil Lost 0-2
Bregoli, Mike Bun, Ped Lost 0-2
Brower, Jeremy Rush, Gary Drew 1-1
Buckendorf, Kirk* Prokopin, Adam Lost 1-2
Bun, Ped Bregoli, Mike Won 2-0
Burgner, Kurt Mindes, Michael Won 2-0
Callenback, Avery* Rivera, Tim Lost 0-2
Clegg, Dan Wrobleski, Jeff* Lost 0-2
Cole, Kirk* Fear, Edward Won 2-0
Currence, Bryce Armbruster, Chris Lost 1-2
Davis, Brian Szigeti, Peter Lost 0-2
Davis, James* Osborne, James* Lost 0-2-1
Demaci, Chris Welty, Terry Lost 0-2
Dougherty, Robert Keller, Shawn Lost 1-2
Elkins, Dallas* Jafari, David Lost 0-2
Ellis, Chad Ho, Ken* Won 2-0
Fear, Edward Cole, Kirk* Lost 0-2
Fitzgerald, Sean Parker, Brock Won 2-0
Foster, Brian* Keller, Thomas Lost 0-2
Frank, Joel Schick, Mark Won 2-0
Frayman, Igor *** BYE ***
Girard, Michael* Passmore, Lauren* Lost 0-2
Gordon, Mark Wilson, Gabriel Won 2-0
Harding, Phil Benafel, Chris Won 2-0
Hegstad, Brian May Jr, David* Lost 0-2
Ho, Ken* Ellis, Chad Lost 0-2
Hou, William* Linde, Matt Lost 1-2
Jafari, David Elkins, Dallas* Won 2-0
Jensen, William O'Mahoney-Schwartz, Steven Lost 1-2
Johns, Scott Swarowski, Robert Won 2-1
Keller, Shawn Dougherty, Robert Won 2-1
Keller, Thomas Foster, Brian* Won 2-0
Kenien, Randy Price, Amber* Won 2-0
Kert, Caroline* Mortensen, Matthew Lost 0-2
Krouner, Ken Mills, Jesse* Lost 0-2
Linde, Matt Hou, William* Won 2-1
May Jr, David* Hegstad, Brian Won 2-0
Mills, Jesse* Krouner, Ken Won 2-0
Mindes, Michael Burgner, Kurt Lost 0-2
Mortensen, Matthew Kert, Caroline* Won 2-0
O'Mahoney-Schwartz, Daniel Williams, David Won 2-0
O'Mahoney-Schwartz, Steven Jensen, William Won 2-1
Osborne, James* Davis, James* Won 2-0-1
Parker, Brock Fitzgerald, Sean Lost 0-2
Passmore, Lauren* Girard, Michael* Won 2-0
Platta, Andy* Robinson, Ben Lost 1-2
Price, Amber* Kenien, Randy Lost 0-2
Prokopin, Adam Buckendorf, Kirk* Won 2-1
Pustilnik, Michael Smith, Sean Lost 1-2
Rivera, Tim Callenback, Avery* Won 2-0
Robinson, Ben Platta, Andy* Won 2-1
Rush, Gary Brower, Jeremy Drew 1-1
Schick, Mark Frank, Joel Lost 0-2
Smith, Sean Pustilnik, Michael Won 2-1
Swarowski, Robert Johns, Scott Lost 1-2
Szigeti, Peter Davis, Brian Won 2-0
Tamblyn, Mitchell* Weber, Joe Won 2-1
Weber, Joe Tamblyn, Mitchell* Lost 1-2
Welty, Terry Demaci, Chris Won 2-0
Williams, David O'Mahoney-Schwartz, Daniel Lost 0-2
Wilson, Gabriel Gordon, Mark Lost 0-2
Wrobleski, Jeff* Clegg, Dan Won 2-0

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