Round 10: Scott Wills vs Kevin O’Connor

Posted in Event Coverage on May 1, 2003

By Mark Wraith

Scott went first against a mulligan from Kevin. Kevin found a fairly mediocre deck from the draft, as Steve Barltrop had moved into green at some point. He does have a reasonable amount of Beasts though, but very few tricks.

Game One

Scott didn’t manage to find a fourth land for a while, but his pair of Battlefield Medics and Morphs was still enough to hold off Ridgetop Raptor and Barkhide Mauler. Kevin had plenty of land in play and looked like he would be able to start attacking when he made a Snarling Undorak on his sixth turn.

Wills draws a land at last and makes Akroma’s Devoted to hold the fort. Kevin had a Tribal Unity in hand, which he was looking to use to maximum effect. It’s possible that he could have used it on this turn, while Scott was tapped out, but instead he makes a Blade Sliver. This gave Scott the chance to draw another land and unmorph Skinthinner on the Undorak. Because of this O’Connor had to use Tribal Unity to save the Raptor and get through eight damage with Barkhide Mauler, knocking Scott to ten.

O’Connor had a Wave of Indifference in hand as well, so at that point it looked like he would be able to force through the remaining points fairly easily – unfortunately for him Scott drew another land and made a Shieldmage Elder – totally locking down Kevin’s board. Unable to win with the Wave he was reduced to playing a Canopy Crawler without amplifying it.

Wills further increased his lock on his following turn when he played a Corpse Harvester meaning that now the Shieldmage Elder could prevent damage from spells as well as creatures. The game was totally under Scott’s control as he used a pair of Profane Prayers for four to remove any potential blockers and attacked with his non-tapping Clerics for the win.

Game Two

This game was incredibly anti-climactic, as Kevin had to mulligan appalling hands three times, eventually keeping a one land, three spell draw. Six turns later he dies to a Battlefield Medic, Rotlung Reanimator, Akroma’s Devoted and Daunting Defender, still with only the one land in play. Regardless the two players are friends and Kevin took his misfortune well.

Scott Wills 2 – Kevin O’Connor 0

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