Round 10: Svend Geertsen vs. Kai Budde

Posted in Event Coverage on May 4, 2002

By Randy Buehler

In the final round of Day 1, Kai Budde granted Svend Geertsen a take-back that cost Budde the game and helped Geertsen end the day with a perfect record. Three rounds later they met again and again a first place tie was at stake. Each had an eventful draft, with Budde starting with Kamahl, Pit Fighter and Geertsen starting out with Wayward Angel. Things worked out better for Budde from there with a second Kamahl finding it's way into his deck deep into pack 2. Geertsen's luck wasn't that good. He did get passed a Psychatog by Brian Davis, but Davis then drafted black-blue anyway and Geertsen wound up spread across three colors.

Temporary Insanity
Budde drafted a pair of Diligent Farmhands in Odyssey and that allowed him to splash blue for two copies of Deep Analysis and a Repel. He seemed very happy with the card advantage he's been getting from the Analyses and he got to play it and flash it back early in Game 1 against Geertsen. That dug deep enough into his library to find a Kamahl, but Geertsen made things complicated by playing Hypochondria and using it to defend a pair of fliers. Budde would have been able to run Gertsen out of cards if only he could play the other Kamahl that was in his hand, but alas, Kamahl is a legend and that second copy wasn't very useful. Budde was forced to race an opponent who had out Hypochondria and three plains and wasn't casting any spells. Of course, he is Kai Budde. He attacked with Kamahl #1 and Geertsen blocked it, killing it. Budde then used Temporary Insanity to steal a flier and preserve his last point of life. That bought him the turn he needed to play Kamahl #2 and attack for lethal damage.

Game 2 was all about the beatdown. Budde smashed with a pair of Krosan Avengers while Nantuko Disciple threatened to pump them up. Geertsen was forced to line a bunch of creatures up in front of them in order to kill them off. He still took so much damage that even Wayward Angel wasn't good enough to stabilize the board. Psychatog caused Budde to pause briefly, but he still just sent his men into the red zone with Muscle Burst and the Disciple backing them up. Geertsen had no really good blocking options and actually rolled a die to help him decide what to do. He wound up with no hand, no graveyard, and a lone Psychatog in play. Budde promptly top-decked a Temporary Insanity and didn't even give Geertsen a chance to chump block.

Pro Tour Nice, Third Booster Draft

Pro Tour Nice, Third Booster Draft

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