Round 10: They're Having Flashbacks

Posted in Event Coverage on November 18, 2011

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

Nico Bohny was 8-1 coming into round 10. After going 5-1 in Standard with Blue-White Delver, he handily 3-0'd his first draft pod. Standing in his way this round was Josh Utter-Leyton, who also 5-1'd Standard (with Tempered Steel) before 3-0'ing a draft pod of his own.

Both Nico Bohny and Josh Utter-Leyton have 8-1 records. Who will keep their relatively untouched records going strong?

Game 1

Bohny won the die roll, and elected to play, trading his early Civilized Scholar with Utter-Leyton's One-Eyed Scarecrow. Unfortunately, this allowed Utter-Leyton to replace it with a Makeshift Mauler to hold off Bohny's Undead Alchemist. Bohny instead took to the air with a Murder of Crows, but Utter-Leyton hit that with a Grasp of Phantoms, then knocked it off the top of Bohny's deck with a Dream Twist. Bohny replaced it with a less impressive 3/3 Boneyard Wurm.

Looking for a way past Utter-Leyton's Mauler, Bohny tried to summon a Skaab Goliath, but it got Lost in the Mist, and the Undead Alchemist wandered off for a bit to try and find it.

Utter-Leyton finally revealed what his Blue-White deck was splashing red for, and cast Burning Vengeance, before flashing back a Feeling of Dread to kill off the Alchemist once and for all. He attacked with his Mauler and a Deranged Assistant to finally deal the first damage of the match.

Bohny's spiders, courtesy of a Spider Spawning, were too fast of a clock for his opponent's Burning Vengeance to handle.

However, Bohny was also reaching outside of his colors, and cleared the table in a Blasphemous Act. Utter-Leyton repaired his side of the board with an Armored Skaab and an Avacynian Priest, while Bohny cast a Spider Spawning for eight.

Utter-Leyton flashed back a Desperate Ravings to take down one arachnid, and summoned a Moon Heron, before taking 5 as the Spiders swarmed aggressively in his direction. Bohny utilized his Shimmering Grotto to flash back the Spider Spawning, taking his Spider count up to thirteen. Two attacks later, and Utter-Leyton was buried under the eight-legged menace army.

Bohny 1, Utter-Leyton 0

"Are you gonna play or draw?" Bohny asked, as they shuffled.

"That's a good question," Utter-Leyton responded with a smile, before eventually admitting, "I'll play."


Game 2

Utter-Leyton again managed a turn four Makeshift Mauler, and again had the Grasp of Phantoms and Dream Twist combo for Bohny's Murder of Crows. The Mauler dropped Bohny to single digits, but before Utter-Leyton could seal the deal, Bohny again cleared the room with a Blasphemous Act.

This time, Utter-Leyton recovered with a Moorland Haunt, while Bohny summoned a 6/6 Boneyard Wurm, and followed that up with a Spider Spawning. Unable to finish the battle in the air, Utter-Leyton simply flashed back Dream Twist, retrieved it with Runic Repetition, and spilled the rest of Bohny's library into his graveyard.

Bohny 1, Utter-Leyton 1


Game 3

Bohny elected to play in game three, keeping his hand while Utter-Leyton threw back his seven.

Utter-Leyton summoning a Deranged Assistant and a Moon Heron, as Bohny summoned an Orchard Spirit, and Undead Alchemist.

Utter-Leyton fell to 18, and attacked back for 3, before summoning a Chapel Geist. Bohny attacked with both creatures. The Geist ate the Spirit, while the Alchemist milled 4 cards, recruiting one Zombie for its efforts. A Woodland Sleuth swooped in to successfully solve the murder of the Orchard Spirit.

Utter-Leyton goes big with Mindshrieker to claim the match!

Without a fourth land, Utter-Leyton thought about frowning. (Have you ever seen his forehead move? I have not). He attacked with just the Heron, dropping Bohny to 14, before summoning a Mindshrieker.

Bohny cast Forbidden Alchemy before attacking with his Alchemist. Utter-Leyton offered the Chapel Geist trade, and Bohny accepted. Utter-Leyton attacked for 4 in the air, and summoned a Makeshift Mauler. Bohny needed to find some spiders, and quick. He cast a Think Twice with flashback, but came up short.

Utter-Leyton activated the Mindshrieker once, hitting Forbidden Alchemy. He tried again, and was rewarded by a Skaab Goliath, easily giving him enough to fly over for the win.

Bohny 1, Utter-Leyton 2

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