Round 11: Alan Comer vs. Trevor Blackwell

Posted in Event Coverage on May 4, 2002

By Aaron Forsythe

These two Californians sat down with identical 7-3 records, and both need to win out in order have a shot at the top 8. As they sat down, Comer mentioned the proximity of their lifetime earning figures.

Comer: "Did you see how close we are on the all-time money list?"
Blackwell: "No."
Comer: "You're like $500 above me. I'm trying to catch you, and here's my chance to directly affect it."

Blackwell won the coin toss and decided to... keep the playmat facing his way, allowing Comer to choose "play first."


Comer, playing black/red, started out with the sub-optimal opening of Sungrass Egg and Filthy Cur. Blackwell played out a Dreamwinder, and Comer came back with a Soul Scourge. Blackwell was holding Mutilate, and cast it for 2, killing both of Alan's creatures.

Comer: "Nice. That would explain the Faceless Butcher you passed me."

Comer recovered well with a Gravedigger, getting back the Scourge, but Blackwell had an Aven Windreader. Blackwell started sacrificing Islands to get the Dreamwinder into the Red Zone, and eventually Comer was forced to discard three spells to clear the table with Sickening Dreams, leaving him at six life and holding a hand of Cabal Patriarch and Cabal Surgeon.

Blackwell played his last business spell, a Grotesque Hybrid that threatened to kill Comer in two attacks. Comer drew Firebolt, but only had one Mountain, so he cast the Surgeon and sad "go."

Blackwell attacked in the air. Comer inhaled and drew... a Mountain. He cast and flashbacked the Firebolt, killing the Hybrid. Trevor played a Dusk Imp, and Comer slapped down the Patriarch. The Imp attacked Comer to 1, but then the Patriarch took over, and Comer came back to win.

Comer 1 – Blackwell 0


Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor
Blackwell started game 2 with a handful of goodness, including Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor. He played out a pair of Dusk Imps early, but little else because he was stuck at three Swamps. Things got even worse when Comer killed both Imps with a Violent Eruption. Comer then went on the offensive with Cursed Monstrosity, holding three extra land for emergencies.

Trevor played a Gravegouger, then finally drew an Island and summoned an Aven Fisher. But Comer cast Sickening Dreams for two, killing Trevor's team, and sent the Monstrosity over for 4 more.

Trevor solved the Monstrosity with Waste Away, and then put out a Soul Scourge. But Comer was holding Faceless Butcher, and the 3/2 flier went away. After that, Alan managed to remove everything Trevor put out, and Trevor never drew the second Island for Aboshan, or any other way to stop the Butcher.

Final Result: Comer 2 – Blackwell 1

Pro Tour Nice, Third Booster Draft

Download Arena Decklist

Pro Tour Nice, Third Booster Draft

Download Arena Decklist

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