Round 11: :B vs. Truly Lazy Men

Posted in Event Coverage on April 18, 2004

By Ted Knutson

This was originally going to be a Feature Match of :B vs. Truly Lazy Men, but as they were sitting down at the table, Gab Tsang offered Tim Aten's team a draw in order to lock in money and ratings points for both teams. When I talked to David Rood, his rationale was that they were only playing for fifth place anyway, and a win would have meant a maximum of a hundred dollars extra per person on the winning team, so it seemed to make sense to both sides to minimize any losses they might incur, should the match go badly.

Providing additional incentive for the draw on Aten's side was his seething hatred of being covered in Feature Matches, so anything he could do to throw a monkey wrench in our coverage plans had to at least be considered. His team also felt their decks weren't as good as their opponent's decks, so a draw obviously looked much better to them than a loss at that point.

With this draw and an additional draw between 3.69 a Pack and Our Team Name Got Kolded, combined with the fact that YMG/Illuminati, Thaaaat's Me, and Re-Elect Gore are already guaranteed a place in the Top 4, the competition for the final slot has now shifted to two matches: YMG/Illuminati vs. Aquamoebas Anonymous, and Shenanigans vs. Uh-Oh Oreos!

Aquamoebas have the highest tiebreaks of any of the current 24-point teams, so if they win, they should guarantee themselves a slot in the Top 4 (barring unforeseen tiebreaker insanity, of course. However, if they lose and Shenanigans should win, then due to the earlier draws, Shenanigans would now be a lock to make it to the semi-finals. If both teams win, then the results would come down to the manually calculated tiebreakers (the DCI Reporter melted down just after Round 8) that the judges provide. If both teams should lose… all hell would break lose, and thousands of dollars would suddenly be in play, the results decided by a bunch of long division problems completed by a math major. It should make for an interesting and tense time after the last round finishes.

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