Round 11: Ben Ronaldson vs. Ryan Fuller

Posted in Event Coverage on December 18, 2015

By Roger Dane

Ryan Fuller

Ben Ronaldson comes into this match with a 1-1 record in today's draft, having decided to ignore Kai Budde's advice to sideboard the Escape Artist. He managed to win his last game by doing twenty points of damage with the 1/1 unblockable creature. Both players are looking to consolidate their positions in the top eight as Ryan is lying third and Ben seventh going into round eleven.

After some initial good-humored banter over the shuffling of the decks, Ryan asked to say "Hi, to my grandma" then tossed a coin which Ben won and decided to play.

Game 1

Each player kept their starting hands and laid initial lands before Ben cast a turn two Beloved Chaplain, which Ryan took an instant dislike to and so decided to use a Flame Burst on his turn. Things progressed fairly quickly over the next couple of turns with Ben casting Divine Sacrament and Dreamwinder but Ryan took the early advantage with Barbarian Lunatic, Halberdier, Ember Beast and Filthy Cur. Ben cast Peek during the end of turn but could only play a Pilgrim of Virtue on his own and when passed Ryan swung with the "Looney" which was unblocked (18/20) and then cast Chainflinger.

Ben played Think Tank on his turn hoping to draw into some answers as things looked fairly grim for him. His two creatures stared across the Red Zone at Ryan's five. On his turn the Canadian attacked with the Lunatic, Beast and Halberdier and the Englishman's only response was to use the Dreamwinder to block the Ember Beast taking five damage from the others (13/20) but Ryan wasn't finished. He cast Afflict to finish off the Winder and played a Mad Dog to further increase his creature superiority. Ben cast Thought Devourer as he desperately needed a blocker as he was outnumbered six to one, but the blue flyer didn't faze Ryan as he swung with five of his creatures keeping only the Chainflinger out of the onslaught. The Thought Devourer blocked and killed the Mad Dog and the Divine Sacrament boost meant that the Pilgrim of Virtue could kill the Filthy Cur but Ryan's Thermal Blast took out the big flyer and the other creatures dealt eight damage (5/20). On his turn Ben used the Think Tank, laid a creature, played a Seton's Desire on the creature and then laughed as he scooped his cards as there was no return from such a hopeless position.

In between rounds Ben commented on the fact that Ryan's nationality has reverted to his original Canadian from Dutch and that the Hampton Court Palace crowd were all being slowly Canadianised by the presence of Gary Wise.

Game 2

Once again Ben Ronaldson decided to draw and laid an Island, using it to cast Peek at the end of Ryan Fuller's first turn to take a look at what he was going to be up against. It was fairly apparent that three land, to two creatures and two removal spells wasn't what he was hoping to see! Both players laid land until the Englishman cast Auramancer on turn four but Ryan cast a Pardic Firecat on his turn and used the Haste ability to attack immediately (18/20). Things started to move faster now as the players began to race. The Auramancer did two damage (18/18) before being joined by an Aven Flock which forced the Firecat to stay back although it was joined by a Barbarian Lunatic. The Auramancer swung again putting Ben ahead on damage for the first time in the match (18/16).

Ryan attacked with both his creatures and after a little thought Ben decided that he couldn't afford to block and so he went behind again (14/16) so a Chainflinger was played and the turn was passed.

Ben Ronaldson

The scores evened again next turn as the Auramancer continued to attack (14/14) but it was joined by a Pilgrim of Virtue whose Protection from Black ability didn't look anywhere near as useful in this situation as it's three toughness. Ryan attacked with both his creatures and when the Pilgrim blocked the Barbarian the red creature was sacrificed to kill the Auramancer after damage was on the stack and the Chainflinger was used to deliver the coup de grace (12/12).

Ben decided he needed to keep the pressure on and attacked with his Aven Flock for one (12/11), played Angelic Wall and passed. At this point Ryan paused before saying "You don't have the Second Thoughts" and swinging with the Firecat. He was wrong and the red cat died but a Thermal Blast took out the Aven Flock as Ben was tapped out and couldn't pump it, was the seemingly off-hand comment from the Canadian a tease to allow him to kill the flyer?

The Canadian's planned plays were halted by counterspells on Gravedigger and Sadistic Hypnotist on consecutive turns. As Ben cast a Patrol Hound it appeared that he might have started to take control of the game but Ryan was having none of that and "Wuv Muffin" died to a Firebolt. A few points of damage had been dealt with Chainflinger and the Barbarian Ring so the score were currently 10/10 and going into his turn Ben activated the Think Tank discarding a Cephalid Looter to get a Scrivener which he cast to get back the Syncopate from the graveyard.

Ryan activated the 'Flinger during the end of turn step (9/10) and then used Last Rites (discarding Afflict) to remove the Syncopate from the Englishman's hand leaving him with just a Second Thoughts. No counterspell meant that there was nothing to stop the Screams of the Damned cast next turn and so with an active Chainflinger and lots of cards in Ryan's graveyard Ben needed to find an answer in a hurry and although he cast a Treetop Sentinel which was Ghastly Demised and a Words of Wisdom no answer appeared and so he conceded.

Final Result: Fuller 2-0 Ronaldson

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