Round 11: Deck Tech with Daniel Unwin

Posted in Event Coverage on July 23, 2011

By Ray “blisterguy” Walkinshaw

You may not have heard of Dan Unwin, but his decks have been putting up results for Australians for some time now. Jeremy Neeman took 15th at Pro Tour Paris, and Top 8 at Pro Tour San Juan with Unwin's decks. John-Paul Kelly finished 10th at Pro Tour Austin with one as well. Oh, and every deck the Australian team used to reach second place at the World Champs last year? All designed by Unwin.

This weekend, Unwin brought a Red/Blue/Green (RUG) Splinter Twin/Birthing Pod deck to the table, which had a combined record of 12-3 after the first three rounds of standard. "11-1 if we pretend John-Paul Kelly wasn't playing it," he joked.

Unwin acknowledged that RUG Twin is clearly not his idea to begin with. "It's been on Magic: Online for a while, but obviously not with M12, and it seems like none of them are running all four Splinter Twin," he explained. "I also didn't like that they were running things like Lotus Cobra and Nest Invader. I think Pyroclasm is one of the better cards in the format, and being weak to it seems like a bad idea." Instead, Unwin has chosen to run the full complement of Overgrown Battlements alongside his Birds of Paradise. "It also lets us drop down to 24 lands, and run Pyroclasm in the board ourselves."

Dan Unwin has plans. Lots of them


Something that they've left out is the Fauna Shaman/Vengevine package. "It takes up a lot of room, and removing it gives us a more consistent deck," Unwin explained, as he fanned out the cards he could now fit. "Preordain and Ponder to help smooth out our draws, and the fourth Splinter Twin, because it's still really good on most of the other creatures we can search up as well. Sometimes the Exarch-Twin game plan isn't the best plan to go for, and both Ponder and Preordain help you set up what's going to work for you in that game."

So what were the most exciting things about M12 as far as this deck goes? "Ponder and Solemn Simulacrum, as well as Phantasmal Image. They really change the deck for the better."

Daniel Unwin

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