Round 11 Feature Match – Shouta Yasooka (R/G) vs Jack Teo (U/W)

Posted in Event Coverage on January 25, 2014

By Pip Foweraker

The last two undefeated players of the tournament, Yasooka and Teo, stared each other down across the feature match table. Yasooka led, but Teo had the first action with a Favored Hoplite. Yasooka summoned a Sedge Scorpion on his third turn, threatening shenanigans on his block, but seeming happy to let his creatures trade. Teo followed up with a Triton Shorethief, while Yasooka had a an Arena Athlete. A Leonin Snarecaster tapped down the Athlete for at turn, but when Teo rumbled in to attack Yasooka had a Feral Invocation. The tempo swing from Yasooka's trick and follow-up bestowed Leafcrown Dryad proved too much for Teo's aggressive-but-low-curve deck to keep up with, and both players moved to their sideboards in short order.

It says something about the blistering pace of the first game that both players had sideboarded, shuffled and presented their decks before 5 minutes had elapsed in the round. Impressive!

Shouta Yasooka 1 - Jack Teo 0

The second game started out with both players matching small creatures, until Teo began to pull ahead with a Daxos of Meletis. He was able to negotiate his way around Yasooka's growing ground army with some assistance from an Ephera's Warden. After a few turns of careful growth on both sides and attacks from Teo, Yasooka found and summoned a Stoneshock Giant, threatening to blow out Teo's hard-won advantage with a massive attack.

Both players stalled out, Yasooka hunting for his final land to activate the Giant's monstrous ability, and Teo for some more ways to punch through damage before it was too late. Both players grew their armies, but Teo pulled ahead with a Triton Tactics on a pair of Battlewise Hoplites on a full-team strike. Yasooka still couldn't find his final land and was unable to race back effectively before Teo took the second game.

Jack Teo 1 - Shouta Yasooka 1

Game 3

Teo started things off with a Vaporkin and an Ordeal of Thassa, signaling his aggressive intent from the get-go. Yasooka had a satyr Rambler and a Nessian Courser, and, facing down an increasingly huge Vaporkin, decided to suit up his Satyr with a Leafcrown Druid and attacking, turning the final game into a straight-out race.

Yasooka decided to make things more challenging for Teo by summoning Xenagos, the Reveler, who promptly helped him to clog the board. Teo, however, found an Ordeal of Heliod for his Vaporkin, instantly trading in the enchantment for a +1/+1 counter and a valuable life buffer. Yasooka, unable to deal with the Vaporkin, was unable to get through for the damage he needed and scooped up his cards.

Jack Teo advances to Round 12 as the only undefeated player left at Grand Prix: Kuala Lumpur!

Jack Teo 2 - Shouta Yasooka 1

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